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The first edition of Praise

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

The first edition of "Praise of Vytautas" comes not from the chronicle, but from manuscripts collection of words (Syria, abbreviated WIN), which was rewritten in 1428. It contained in a lengthy postscript, the initial post talks about Timothy rewriting the book on the orders of Vladimir Bishop Gerasim. The work was conducted in Constantinople from 25 May until 22 June 6928 [1420]. Next item is PV, and next is the beginning of the record 14 August 6936 [1428] about copying the book in Smolensk on the orders of the same Gerasim – already bishop of Smolensk.

The primacy of the text in relation to chronicle edition shown in the following comparative table.

The table contains 25 rows, 2 copies are compared.