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congress in 1430

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

We have seen that even extract Dlugosz became a great article.

So Dlugosz described the two congress of rulers. The first was held in Lutsk in late January – February 1429, the second – in Vilnius in August – the beginning of October 1430. Between them – in the span of one and half a year.

Now we can finally understand what is written in the SCR. In episodes 2 – 28 we have a description of the Vilnius coronation congress with the date 6939 [The events of September – December 6939 in September year correspond September – December 1430 in January year].

About Lutsk Congress 1429 in the PV-2 is told later (35 – 41). Dlugosz confirms the data presented there, Sigismund was with the queen (40) and large gifts (41). But about participation Jagiello in the congress or specific policy implications PV-2 says nothing.

And what about these congress inform Great-Russian chronicles? Research has shown that they do not have no clue to Lutsk congress 1429; as to the coverage of events in Lithuania in 1430, divided into the following six groups.

The first group ("Novgorod") is the earliest and provides very scanty information.

The second group ("Sophia") delivers the following entry:

The third group ("Moscow") gives another information:

The fourth group ("Tver") presented alone, the annals of Tver [PSRL, 1863, vol. 15, col. 489]:

The fifth group ("Nikon") represented by the Nikon Chronicle (1520) [PSRL, 1901, Vol. 12, p. 9]:

Finally, the last, the sixth group chronicles generally passes these events.

Thus, both types of records from the Great-Russian annals does not show great awareness of their authors in the events and can only be secondary sources of Vilna congress 1430.