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Dlugosz about the congresses
in 1429 and 1430

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

It may seem incredible, but the PV-3 errors passed to the "scientific historiography." Mixing the two congresses and inappropriate composition of the participants can be seen in the Wikipedia article: , , , , and – in all language versions, where there is such an article (tested in August 2016). All this is reminiscent of the astronomical system of Ptolemy before Copernicus performance!

The only correct interpretation was given by E. V. Rusina [ – Encyclopedia of History of Ukraine, K., 2009, T. 6]. Briefly, but also quite rightly wrote A. Gritskevich [Vytautas. – Great Duchy of Lithuania: encyclopedia. – Minsk, 2007, vol. 1, p. 448; there is no separate article on Lutsk Congress in this encyclopedia], but these correct views are not yet received widespread.

In connection with the general blindness, I think it appropriate to summarize the case of these congresses after most comprehensive and competent source – Chronicle of Jan Dlugosz [Jana Długosza Roczniki czyli kroniki sławnego królestwa Polskiego. – Warszawa: 2009, ks. 11, 1413 – 1430, s. 253 – 254, 260 – 269, 301 – 307, 311 – 315].

Outlines Dlugosz posts for 1429 – 1430 years.