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Dependence of copies

Stemma «Annals of King Sigismund»

Stemma "Annals of King Sigismund"


The first of these sources – the book Justus Decius (1485 – 1545) «De vetustatibus Polonorum liber I. De Iagellonum familia liber II. De Sigismundi regis temporibus liber III», published in Krakow in 1521, actually its third part, which covers the reign of King Sigismund to 1516 (I submit the page to publish third book, implemented Wiktor Chermak [Krakow: 1901]).

In the chronicle Joachim Bielski, published in 1597 (I used the reissue K. Turowski: Kronika Marcina Bielskiego – Sanok:. 1856 ), we see not just a coincidence of facts, but textual proximity recording AKS-2.

Thus, there is no doubt that the author of the AKS-2 used in a strong reduction of the chronicle of Decius and J. Belsky. Therefore, the time of this edition should be put not earlier than in 1597, when the J. Belsky work was published, or even later.