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Annals of King Sigismund

Nicholas Zharkikh

Two lists of "Lithuanian" chronicle contain after VitL records of the late 15 – 1 half 16 cent. Since it concerns a large part of the reign of King Sigismund 1st, I gave these records the code name "Annals of King Sigismund" (AKS).


Genetically related texts AKS can be divided into two versions.

The first edition, preserved fragmentary in Lit7L, covered the event (approximately) from 1506 to 1545. It was written in the style of the Moscow tradition of chronicles (numbered years from world creation).

The second edition has been created on the basis of the first by person of European Renaissance education after 1597. Year numbering here – from the birth of Christ. In part up to 1531 used chronicles by Decius (1521) and J. Belsky (1597). The time of its writing – the last years of the 16th or early 17th century.

None of these revisions was not organic, integral part of the "Lithuanian" chronicle – each scribe, composing his collection, copied such text AKS, what he was able to get. So, AKS texts at that time existed in separate notebooks.

In the aspect of style AKS significantly different enough from LitL (see comparison table), so it is best regarded as a separate product.