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Sophia 1st chronicle older recension (1418)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

1. The following chronicles Moscow – Sophia 1st chronicles older recension (S1LSI, 1418) record in 1377 on the events in Lithuania is an abbreviation of MTL record.

2. But the story of the battle of Mstislavl (here it is dated 6894 / 1386 year) contains a very expressive traces of TOV, which we have not seen in MTL.

There are no more traces of "Vytautas" chronicle in further text S1LSI – on the contrary, some of the episodes of the Vytautas reign were borrowed in VitL from S1LSI (through mediation Bil0L), in particular, the story of the battle of the Vorskla river. Yet S1LSI confirms our assumption that the early copy of TOV was in Moscow and there it was readed and used by interested people.