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Dlugosz chronicle (1470s)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Famous Polish chronicler Jan Dlugosz (1415 – 1480) in his chronicle used Vit2L. This is not any news, it still have pointed out by Anthony Prochaska, who discovered and the first to publish Vit2L [Prochaska A. Przekład ruskiego latopisca ks. Litewskiego na język laciński. – Kwartalnik historyczny, 1888, r. 2, № 2, s. 196 – 197].

Recall that Vit2L – an abbreviated Latin translation of the TOV, driven to the death of Keistut and Vytautas escape to the Germans. Dlugosz placed it in one piece for the year 1382 [Jana Długosza Roczniki czyli kroniki sławnego królestwa Polskiego. – Warszawa: 2009, ks. 10 1370 – 1405, s. 122 – 134]. Dlugosz did not know the year of Algirdas death (there is no mention of this event, simply after 1377 Algirdas disappears from the pages of the chronicle), but he knew a year Keistut death. Dlugosz also supplemented his story lists sons Algirdas and Keistut, which were not in Vit2L.

In further text of Dlugosz there were no traces of VitL . All the events, which is mentioned in both works, covered in Dlugosz differently than in VitL. Therefore, we can say with confidence that Dlugosz had only Vit2L, and nothing more.

Miechowski, Decius, Wapowski, Cromer – the question of whether later Polish chroniclers used the VitL I leave open, because already my job stretched to infinity.