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Moscow-Tver chronicle (1411)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

The first product, where chronicles the Grand Duchy of Lithuania had been reflected, stands the Moscow-Tver chronicle (MTL, 1411).

This chronicle is preserved in two almost identical copies as part Rogozhsky chronicler (PSRL, 15) and Simeon chronicle (PSRL, 18). It covers events from 1375 to 1411 with a characteristic mechanical loss of the text in 1403 – 1408 years.

1. In 1377, on the occasion of the death of Algirdas in MTL placed a brief story about the events in Lithuania, which shows a clear dependence on the TOV.

Therefore, we can assume that the copy of TOV was received in Moscow very soon, possibly during Prince Vasily Dmitrievich meetings with Vytautas in Smolensk in 1390-ies, and immediately found a certain reflection of the Moscow chronicle.

In Novgorod did not know anything on TOV, in the death of Algirdas in N1LMI mentioned in one sentence.