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De-Russification of Ukraine

Nicholas Zharkikh

And now try to guess in which city you can see the following names on the map (all at once)

- such Russian poets, as

Akhmatova, Jalil (Musa; from the same Volga Tatars who are currently fighting against Ukraine),

Dzhambul Jabayev (he was disguised as Zhambyl Zhabayev, but the same one who glorified Comrade Stalin; street and monument),

Esenin, Zhukovsky (street and lane),

Isaakyan (Armenian? – go on the course of a Russian ship!),

Kolas (Yakub), Koltsov, Krylov (street and four (!) Lanes), Kupala (Yanka),

Lermontov (three (!) Streets and six (!) Lanes. Pushkin can hide!),

Marshak (the street that used to be called Lermontov Street and three (!) Lanes),

Mayakovsky (street and avenue), Nekrasov (two streets), Odoevsky (street and lane), Pleshcheev (street and lane),

Pushkin (we have not only two streets, but also two monuments),

Rileyev (street and lane), Svetlov,

Stalsky (another singer of Comrade Stalin),

Tumanyan (so that Armenians do not think that we will give them recognition of the annexation of Crimea),


- such Russian writers, as


Bulgakov (street, monument and museum),

Goncharov, Dobrolyubov (street and lane), Dostoevsky (street and lane), Ehrenburg, Zhitkov, Leskov, Mamin-Sibiryak, Novikov-Priboy, Nosov, Paustovsky, Prishvin, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Stanyukovich,

Leo Tolstoy (two streets and a square),

Turgenev (three (!) Streets and lane),

Chernyshevsky, Jan;

- such Russian composers, as

Alyabiev, Balakirev (street and lane), Glazunov, Glinka (street and monument), Dunaevsky (street and lane), Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky;

- such Russian artists, as

Brulov, Vasnetsov, Vereshchagin, Vrubel, Kramskoy, Levitan (street and lane), Mikeshin,

Nikolaev (the talentless Russian architect who paved Kyiv with talentless churches of the talentless Russian synodal style),

Perov, Savrasov, Serov, Surikov, Tropinin, Shishkin, Schusev;

- such Russian artists, as


Lavrov (no, not a sad gelding, иге artist Y. S. Lavrov),

Moskvin (street and lane),

Romanov (no, not the clown Nicholas II, only Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov),

Solovtsov, Stanislavsky, Tarasova, Shchepkin;

- such Russian scientists, фы

Botkin, Butlerov, Vavilov, Williams, Lomonosov, Grekov, Delaunay, Dokuchaev (street and lane),

Kablukov (nobody knows in whose honor the street is named after Kablukov; we conditionally accept Ivan Alekseevich Kablukov),

Karpinsky, Kostychev, Kurchatov, Lebedev (street and monument), Lobachevsky, Mendeleev (street and monument), Mechnikov, Navashin, Sechenov, Stoletov (street and lane), Timiryazev (street and lane), Tsiolkovsky (street and lane), Chaplygin (street and lane), Schmidt;

- such Russian generals, as

Bagration, Vatutin (street and monument), Govorov, Dovator, Kaisarov, Karbyshev, Kirponos, Konev, Kutuzov, Malinovsky, Moskalenko, Naumov,

Nakhimov (street and lane – and he is not even a general, only an admiral),

Pukhov, Raevsky, Rybalko, Rodymtsev, Rokossovsky, Suvorov (two streets and a lane), Tymoshenko, Tupykov, Ushakov (also an admiral), Chernyakhovsky, Yakubovsky;

- such Russian heroes, as

Heroes of Brest, Heroes of the Great Patriotic War,

Heroes of war (do not know which and against whom),

Heroes of the Dnieper, Heroes of space,

Heroes of Defense (do not know who and from whom),

Heroes of Sevastopol (from which side? English? French?),

Heroes of Stalingrad (again unknown – from which side),

Dubinin (pioneer-hero), Zaslonov, Sorge, Krasnov, Kudryashov (street and lane), Levanevsky, Matrosov (2 streets), Minin, Molokov, Nesterov (street and monument), Pantelkin, Pozharsky (2 streets), Sergienko (Soviet partisan), Chaikina, Shepelev;

- such Russian figures, as

Bakunin, Bestuzhev, Volkov (astronaut), Gagarin (astronaut),

Herzen (street, lane, descent),

Dezhnev (street and lane), Decembrists,

Engels (Friedrich, who is not considered anything outstanding anywhere except Russia),

Ermak (no, not a known Moscow mole of today, but the conqueror of Siberia),

Zaporozhets (Peter, the Bolshevik, who was forgotten during decommunization – the street and lane),


Krzyzhanowski (who was forgotten during decommunization),

Kulibin (street and lane), Lodygin (street and lane),

Makarenko (two streets and a lane – is it too much for one security officer?),

Marx (Carl, from whom Marxism – three (!) streets. Decommunization? – No, have not heard),

Michurin (four (!) streets and a lane, there is also Novomichurinskaya Street),

Ogarev, Pirogov (street; + there is Novopyrogovskaya Street),

Okuyeva (there are no good Chechens. A good Chechen is a dead Chechen),

Pestel, Plekhanov, Polzunov,

Polyakov (Bolshevik forgotten during decommunization),

Popov (street and lane), Przewalski, Radishchev (street and lane),

Sabodan (Vladimir, the infamous Metropolitan of the Moscow Satanate),

Sedov (the street of the Muscovite Sedov and Sedovtsiv Lane – in honor of the crew of the Soviet steamer "Georgy Sedov"),

Tereshkova (the same one who meets somewhere in Moscow and supports the policy of the Russian authorities in everything),

Ulitin, Ushinsky (street and monument),

Fedoseev (forgotten by God and men Marxist),

Zetkin (Clara; the same one who chaired the Reichstag meeting when Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor),

Chaadaev (street and lane),

Chelyuskin (actually, Chelyuskintsev Street – in honor of the crew of the Soviet steamer "Chelyuskin"),

Chigorin, Chkalov, Shahlin, Yablochkov (street and lane);

- such Russian rivers, as

Amur (we have not only Amur Street, but also Amur Square),

Volga (street and lane), Volkhov (street and lane), Dvina, Don (street and lane), Yenisei, Irtysh, Moskva River (we have Moskvoretskaya Street),

Neman (Belarusian river should follow the course of Bulboführer),

Ussuri (street and lane);

- such Russian lakes, as


- such Russian channels, as

Volga-Donskoy (street and lane);

- such Russian seas, as

White Sea (we have White Sea Street – perhaps not from the White Sea, but from the White Sea-Baltic Canal);

- such Russian areas, as

Zhiguli, Sormovo (this is not even a city, but a district in Nizhny Novgorod);

- such n provinces, as

Belarus (respectively, all "Belarusian" names I consider Russian),

Armenia (we have a street and a lane named after the country that approved the capture of Crimea by Russia and has now sent its Su-30 aircraft to the war against Ukraine),

Karelia, Kuban, Kuzbass (street and lane), Urals (street and lane),

Tselina (the same one raised by Sholokhov and Marshal Brezhnev), Yakutia;

- such n cities, as

Astrakhan (street and lane),

Bobruisk (we have Bobruisk Lane; there is a glorious air base from which the Muscovites make raids on Ukraine),

Brest (there is a brigade of the "Belarusian army", which threatens to attack Ukraine),

Bryansk (where Russian troops are concentrated, which go to Chernihiv and Sumy regions),

Veshensky (we have such a lane, named after the village Veshenskaya on the Don, which, in turn, became famous for the Chekist writer Sholokhov),

Vyborg, Volgograd (street and square),

Gomel (street and lane; Russian troops are concentrated there for the war with Ukraine),

Grodno (street and lane),

Grozny (this is the same Grozny, whose regional prince is the enemy of Ukraine Kadyrov),


Yerevan (capital of Armenia hostile to us),

Izhevsk (street and lane), Kazan,

Kalach (even a meager district town in the Voronezh region, where there is nothing to bomb – and we have that!),

Kamyshin (another district center!),

Kantemirovsky Lane (either from the town Kantemirovka or from the Kantemirov Division, which attacked Kharkiv?),

Kemerovo, Kislovodsk (street and lane), Krasnovodsk, Krasnodar, Kronstadt, Magnitogorsk, Maikop (street and lane),

Minsk (in honor of the capital of the Potato Fuhrer, we have a street, lane, avenue, highway and square – 5 names),

Mozhaisk, Moscow (street and lane), Murmansk, Murom (street and lane), Novgorod, Orel (street and lane),

Orsk (should follow the landing ship of the same name),

Peter (Pitersaya str. – from the unofficial name of the Russian city of St. Petersburg),


Pskov (the same from where the landing division went to fight in Ukraine – the street and lane),

Pyatigorsk (street and lane),

Rzhev (another district center around which the Germans killed 2 million Muscovites in 1942),

Rostov, Saratov, Serpukhov,

Slavgorod (street and lane; there is such a city in Russia and another – in Belarus),

Slovechno, Smolensk, Stavropol, Suzdal, Taganrog (street and lane), Tagil (street and lane),

Tver (the street was renamed, but the dead end remained),

Tikhvin, Tikhoretsk (street and lane), Tobolsk, Tula (street and lane),

Kholmogory (street and lane; who does not know, this is not even a city, only a village),

Tsymlyansk, Chelyabinsk, Yasna Polyana (another village!);

- such Russian holidays, as

March 8 (street), May 9 (street),

Friendship of peoples (which peoples? Russian and Ukrainian, of course!),

Pravda (Pravda Avenue, the main Bolshevik newspaper),

proletariat (Proletarian – street and lane),

Smolna (street; from the name of the Smolny Institute – the residence of the Petrograd Bolsheviks in 1917).

Category Persons Objects on the plan
Russian poets 21 46
Russian writers 19 29
Russian composers 8 thirteen
Russian artists 15 16
Russian artists 8 9
Russian scientists 23 29
Russian generals 24 28
Russian heroes 23 27
Russian figures 40 61
Russian rivers 10 15
Russian lakes 1 1
Russian channels 1 2
Russian seas 1 1
Russian lands 2 2
Russian provinces 8 11
Russian cities 55 77
Russian holidays 6 7
Together 265 374

Good people, where did we go?

Maybe it’s Ryazan (200 km from Moscow)? – No, not Ryazan.

So maybe it’s Kazan (720 km from Moscow)? – No, not Kazan.

So maybe it’s Vorkuta (1890 km from Moscow), or Norilsk (2900 km from Moscow), or Irkutsk (4200 km from Moscow), or Okhotsk (5600 km from Moscow)? Where is such a Russian province, where Muscovites are so loved?

Kyiv? – What kind of Kyiv? – The capital? Ukraine as well? What kind of Ukraine? Is it the one that is currently waging war against the Russian aggressor?

No, if it’s Kyiv, then it probably will be some other Kyiv, not the one that is being talked about all over the world! And if it is the capital, then it is probably not the Ukraine that beats the Muscovites so boldly and successfully, but only some different, Moscow Ukraine.

All these names should be deleted from the plan of Kyiv. Instead of half-decommunization, we need it total de-Russification.

I would like to emphasize that such Russian figures who "sowed reasonable good, eternal" must be ruthlessly erased from the plan of Kyiv and from our national memory. We all see what has grown from that sowing.

I would like to emphasize that such Russian figures who are connected with Kyiv as Bulgakov or Tarasova must be ruthlessly erased from Kyiv’s plan and from our national memory. Their presence emphasizes Kyiv’s Russian status, not Ukraine’s. What are we fighting for in this case?

Lavrska Street should be renamed separately. The Moscow priests did not like the fact that the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is located on Ivan Mazepa Street, which they have been cursing every year since 1708. And so they managed to reduce Mazepa Street to one block, and the rest was named Lavra Street. Maybe it is enough to bow to the demands of the Gundoslavs of the Moscow Satanate?

Monuments to such Muscovites as Gorky, Kirpichov, Pavlov (streets named after them already renamed) should be demolished separately. Maybe I missed someone else.

We need to think about Slavgorodskaya Street separately. The name is very beautiful, but there are cities of this name in Russia and separately in the Belarusian satrapy. But glory (slava) belongs to us! Maybe Irpin should be renamed Slavgorod?

I wanted to limit himself to Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy, but unfortunately got into the directory of streets of Kyiv in , and there find a lot of Muscovites.

Well, while I was writing this note, it turned out to be a rather radical project of de-Russification to the Verkhovna Rada, in , and demolished monuments to Pushkin, and in Kyiv 5 metro stations: Friendship of Peoples, Leo Tolstoy Square, Brest, Minsk and Heroes of the Dnieper (these names are not included in my count!)

that 76% of Ukrainians are in favor of de-Russification of toponyms in Ukraine.

So, so it will be!

April 10, 2022 in Kyiv.