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The eighth day of creation

Nicholas Zharkikh

I set a date, it is significant: March 3, 2022.
in Kyiv (this is also important).

1. Eight days: historical parallels.

The eighth day of the war is coming, and our resistance is only growing.

Is eight days a lot or a little? Let’s compare.

1.1. In December 1237, the Batu’s Tatars destroyed Ryazan after 6 days of resistance.

1.2. In February 1238, the same Tatars destroyed Vladimir (the one on Klyazma river) after 3 days of resistance.

1.3. In 1382, the Khan Tokhtamysh’s Tatars captured and burned Moscow without any resistance. The only problem was to get to Moscow and not get lost on the road.

1.4. In 1408 the Tatars captured the same Vladimir without any resistance.

1.5. In 1940, the Netherlands capitulated through 5 days after the beginning of the German offensive, the resistance there was quite conditional.

1.6. In the same year, 1940, Belgium defended its border line 1 (one) day, and she capitulated through 18 days.

1.7. In the same 1940, the Germans reached the English Channel after 12 days, cutting off the British army in the north from the French in the south.

1.8. In the same 1940, the Germans reached Paris via 35 days. Paris did not want to defend itself, was not going to defend itself. For another 8 days France capitulated.

1.9. In 1941, the Germans captured all of Greece in 24 days.

1.10. Then they landed an airborne landing on the Crete island and captured it after 12 days of resistance.

1.11. After the attack on the USSR, the Germans reached Minsk in 6 days, Minsk did not resist.

1.12. And the Germans reached the Irpin River in 17 days – and stumbled here. Kyiv is not Paris, and the Germans besieged it 70 days.

This was the lightning war waged by the Germans.

1.13. In February 1942, the Japanese captured a powerful British naval base and fortress in Singapore in 7 days. The problem was to get to Singapore, which took 2 months (December 1941 – January 1942), and there were no problems with capturing.

1.14. In May 1942, the same Japanese captured the heavily fortified American island of Corregidor in the Philippines for 2 days.

1.15. The above-mentioned Germans in June 1942 captured important for the British Tobruk on the Mediterranean coast after 5 days of resistance.

2. Gypsy tank.

In the Kherson region, gypsies stole a tank from Russian attackers. History does not seem to have known such a means of anti-tank defense.

Of course, gypsies would be much more willing to steal horses from Muscovites, so the trouble is that the modern Russian army does not have horses. What it was – was stolen.

By the way, according to the new rules, tanks seized from Muscovites should not be declared as newly acquired property (allegedly not a joke). What property is there from those tanks!

3. Everything is stolen. Isn’t that all?

: Our intelligence seized a Russian control vehicle 9C932-1 (Barnaul-T) near Kyiv.

"The first conclusions from the studied documents: the Russian army has a huge problem with the theft of military property. According to the reports of the commanders found in the car, a number of combat vehicles of the unit do not have fixed means of communication and the necessary equipment."

And where the Muscovites plunder, the gypsies will not have much food left.

4. And who would expect from the Muscovites another?

: Muscovites shot the head of the Gostomel united territorial community Yuriy Prilipko. It is said to be the work of Chechens.

I pray that this message is a mistake (there are some refutations these days). But knowing what a Muscovite is, there is no doubt that such cases will occur. It is said that during the liberation of Gostomel (it sounded today, March 3, 2022, at about 15:00), the Chechens were not taken prisoner. Right. A good Chechen is a dead Chechen. A good Muscovite is a murdered Muscovite.

5. Potato Horde.

Throughout its 1000-year history, Belarus never did not lead any wars. In the now rather distant year of 1024, the Polotsk people (ancestors of modern Belarusians) came to attack Veliky Novgorod, but were defeated and have been polite ever since.

Other states have waged their own wars on the territory of Belarus – this has often happened. And just as often these other states called on Belarusians to fight under their flags, and in this style Belarusians fought.

But they somehow did not have the opportunity to fight for their own interests. Initially, there was no state of their own, without which Belarusians could only fight under foreign flags for foreign interests, and when the state finally emerged in 1991, there was no leader capable of leading Belarusians to war.

And only in 2022 the two necessary prerequisites – an independent state and a prominent leader – came together in Belarus. Under the leadership of its invincible Potato-Fuhrer the Potato Horde started the last war in its history.

The Führer promised to reach Kyiv in two days, moved his mustache menacingly and even held a machine gun in his hands (it seems to be an AK-47, but I could be wrong).

In 2014, we already had a hero who promised to reach not only Kyiv, but directly to the English Channel in the same number of days. But in fact – did not reach the elevator.

Kyiv has been successfully defending itself for 8 days. Our troops begin counterattacks (as expected) – and Luka in Kyiv was not and is not.

The Potato Führer explained that he was misunderstood: he would enter Kyiv two days not after the start of the war at all, but two days after the invincible Belarusian army joined the war.

And this army is really invincible in all senses – and it has not defeated anyone, and no one has defeated it (there was no opportunity).

But time goes by, the first not very clear messages on the entry of Belarusian troops into Ukraine on March 2 in the morning, but even today, March 3, the chairman of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov is somehow not very sure , what "according to some data, Belarusian troops are already being used in Russia’s war with Ukraine."

Again, something went wrong, the second day is coming to an end, and there is no Belarusian flag over Kyiv.

(I don’t want to hear anything! From my window I can see the panorama of the right bank of Kyiv, in particular, the territory of the Museum of Ukrainian History in World War II, where the main flagpole of our state was set for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. And anyone can see Ukarainian flag on it, not Belarusian one.)

Luka, stop doing nonsense like the "Belarusian referendum", take an overcoat, a machine gun that you like to run with – and come to Gostomel, because there without you things are not moving forward.

In the same Gostomel, where led by General Magomed Tushayev. Maybe the Belarusians will have opportynity to "elect" a new "president" after that.

The Potato Reich must be destroyed.

6. Here was the Rotten Straw Horde.

For seven days, God worked to create the world. Of course, such haste some errors may be made.

On the eighth day God gathered His angels and asked:

- Well, my dears, did we do well? Don’t we need to fix something?

And then one of the angels said:

- How to be with that one ninth part of the land created by you?

- What’s wrong with one ninth part? – Asked the God.

And the angel, frowning (which made his already unearthly beauty even more pronounced), explained:

- You see, sir, when we worked, we dumped waste, bad samples and all sorts of unnecessary things. The swamps there are such that only mosquitoes can keep themselves – they are evil, because they have no food. The plants that grow there are such that they are of no use to anyone. When someone needs trees, they bring them from neighboring Finland, and when they need bread, they bring them from neighboring Ukraine. Well, the animals there are also some unworldly – no skins from them, no lard, no meat, no milk. Just some bears.

- Well, what about people?

- I don’t even know how to tell you, sir. If all people came from the monkey created by you for comrade Engels, who was the first to pick up a stone, then they came from a cousin of that monkey, and still can not learn to use tools, even stone.

- I must have been mistaken in creating this earth, – God said and stretched out his right hand forward…

And so one ninth of the land disappear. But the rest of the world didn’t notice this.