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Why did we burn that tire?

Nicholas Zharkikh

I set a date, it is significant: March 12, 2022.
in Kyiv (this is also important).

While the echoes of distant explosions are not very disturbing, I will try to write down my current impressions.

1. Late and incompetent Gleiwitz.

Yesterday (March 11, 2022) Potato Führer of the Potato Horde , to the Führer of the Rotten-Straw Horde a map with the "plan of attack" of Ukraine on Minsk. According to this plan, the Ukrainian army was to capture Minsk in a flash, eat all the potatoes there, and then disappear just as quickly.

He even said that two days before the war, Ukraine began shelling the territory of the Potato Horde, and only the timely intervention of the Rotten-Straw Horde saved the potato stocks from being devoured by the insatiable Ukrainian army.

Ironically, Potato-Führer does not understand the meaning of the expression "war is all over". No matter what plans were made before the war, they all lost their significance after the start of the war. The Rotten Straw Horde attacked Ukraine, and Biden said on February 24 that it was an unprovoked attack.

So, Potato-Führer late to drink borjomi and get out on the 16th day of the war with a provocation that could have some significance before the war. Was it all ours? [It is too late to drink borjomi when the kidneys have failed – Ukrainian proverb, meaning: these actions are late and unnecessary.]

I do not believe in any plans of the Ukrainian campaign against the Potato Horde from the time before the war, but now that the war is already going on, anything can happen. No options should be ruled out…

2. Late and incompetent Mainila.

In the afternoon of March 11, 2022 that Russian planes crossed the northern border of Ukraine, turned over the villages and Horodyshche (Dubrovytsia district of Rivne region) and struck the Kopani village (Stolin district of Brest region of the Potato Horde). This last village lies 10 km east of the village of Tumen’ and is directly adjacent to the Ukrainian border.

Why this talentless imitation of the Mainila incident was needed – I do not understand. Did the Muscovites want to drag the Potato Horde into the war? So this horde is also in war, because it gives the aggressor its territory for war and, accordingly, receives strong sanctions along with the real, Rotten-Straw Horde.

Interestingly, Potato-Führer was openly frightened – he probably did not expect such a surprise from the distraught Kremlin bug – and on the evening of the same March 11, the Ministry of Defense of the Potato Horde information about a missile strike on a Belarusian village (which was not specified). I will emphasize that the information was refuted, not the strike itself, because I believe our border guards, not potato liars. The ministry signed in its inability to defend its territory from its "allies" in the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Where can they defend themselves from enemies!

3. By the method of Taras Bulba.

The rabid bug, still known as the "president" of the Rotten Straw Horde, spent a lot of effort and money to prevent the re-election of Petro Poroshenko as President of Ukraine.

Thanks to this incredible intensity of rotten-straw intervention, Zelensky was elected president, and the bug seemed to be satisfied – his slogan "anyone but Poroshenko" worked and he got a convenient leader of Ukraine.

And less than three years later, the same bug said: "I gave birth to such – I will kill him."

The Times, March 4, 2022 that three assassination attempts were made on Zelensky and all three were repulsed.

"Whether this was really the case or whether someone lied" – I do not know, and I think no one knows. The subject itself is so specific that one should not count on confirmation or refutation.

But my assessment is not affected. If there really were attempts, it turns out that no Taras Bulba came out of the Kremlin vampire. If this was a step in the information and disinformation war, we see again that the rotten-straw Führer was put forward by a clumsy "mountain lord", the leader of equally clumsy assassins.

4. Why did we burn that tire?

[Ukrainian proverb, meaning: why do this senseless act.]

From all these episodes, I conclude that Ukraine’s resistance has broken all the pre-arranged plans of the aggressor, and now he is resorting to clumsy and incompetent improvisations, extracting blanks designed for use in completely different conditions.

The enemy suffers not only material losses – on the battlefield, the enemy loses the remnants of the mind and takes clearly insane steps. And the one who lost his mind – he lost everything.