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Nicholas Zharkikh

I set the date, this is important: February 27, 2022 in Kyiv (this is also important).

1. Anger.

The first two days (February 24 and 25, 2022) I was very afraid. I don’t see the need to hide it. On the 25th I measured my blood pressure – it was impressive, I even had to take the medicine.

On the 26th, fear began to pass, and today I already feel anger: what, some kind of Muscovites column is moving somewhere? And now they will obtain the pepper!

Oce can tell me that even a toothless dog is rampant in a group [this is ukrainian proverb. Sense: even week man in the company cah show wrath], and that would be right. But I can say that back in 1977, the late USSR declared me unfit for military service for health reasons (poor eyesight). In 1991, the USSR disappeared (and this is good for everyone), but poor eyesight remains (and this is not good for me). Therefore, I do what I can, I prepare military news for my sites (total 1 million visitors per month, 40 thousand per day).

Also appeared in Privat24 funds from Bonus+ for the needs of the army. My wife and I have already moved ours.

2. The thunder killed a cancer.

[This is also proverb, sense: great efforts gave little result.]

A completely peaceful Russian Tu-22 bomber flew over fraternal Belarus and thought to itself: “Why am I taking this damned weight of cruise missiles with me? Shouldn’t they be released in fraternal Kyiv?"

And released. One rocket , and its fragments into the courtyard of residential buildings in Troyeshchina, 4 cars were burned.

I personally heard a series of three powerful explosions between 9:45 and 10:00 (this is all February 27, 2022, and I am writing at 10:30) – perhaps one of them was at Troyeshchina.

Troyeshchina is a huge sleeping area, in which, by definition, cannot be any military. But for the high-precision Russian bastards, this is indifferent. Well, the "syabry" [Belarusian word means: neighbors, friends] did not let us down. They have a referendum there today. I don’t know what question they asked there, but we already have the answer – quite clear. I hope that in Minsk there are street lamps on which…

You also need to clarify – bombers decommissioned in Russia in 1994, we can only talk about , whose designation differs by one letter M, but this is a completely different machine.

3. New opportunity for the USA.

The United States took the position of a great state and (since 1991) the sole world hegemon as a result of its active participation in the 2nd World War on the side of the forces of good. The forces of good won (partly, because the USSR remained!) – largely due to the participation of the United States on the side of a well-fair.

In 1993, the United States provided Ukraine with guarantees of independence and territorial integrity (the Budapest Protocol) in exchange for a nuclear-free status. Ukraine was the first state in the world to renounce nuclear weapons. Causes and circumstances are not important here, only the fact itself is important. Since the guarantees were provided by the world’s leading military and political power, it could be considered that Ukraine was under the protective umbrella of the United States.

In 2014, after the annexation of Crimea (a clear violation of territorial integrity) and the start of the war in Donbass (a clear threat to independence), the United States pretended that they did not provide Ukraine with any guarantees. How did it happen?

Some say: they put a comma in the wrong place. Others object to them: the comma is empty, but what should have been reflected was not reflected in a separate paragraph. All this did not and does not matter in the slightest degree.

The only fact that matters is that the promise from the US was broken, and the international authority of the US was destroyed. It happened before everyone’s eyes and in a strange way no one noticed it.

(At that moment – 14:45 on February 27, 2022 – a powerful explosion flew, so that the windows in my apartment rang… And you say – guarantees do not work!)

Now the United States has a new opportunity – to restore its authority by entering the war on the side of a well-fair. On the side of Ukraine against Russia. I understand that there is almost no hope for this, but then there is no hope for the restoration of authority. If someone renounces his voluntarily given word once, there will never be faith in him.

4. Expropriators – expropriate!

It turned out that the liberal leaders of democratic countries always knew this wisdom, expressed by Karl Marx back in 1848, but did not have the opportunity to put it into practice. Everyone thought:

Clear, clear the stars in the sky,

Freeze, freeze, wolf tail!

[The episode from the Russian flok tale.] But now the time has come when they all decided "It’s time!" and unanimously went to plunder what the Kremlin ghouls had accumulated with their many years of hard predatory work.

There is no reason for me to get dirty about a thousand -

I charge you a million for letters!

[words from O. Kolker's opera «Death of Tarelkin».] And now we read – on the one hand, they stole one trillion (1012) dollars from Russia (assets of large banks), and the assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are already pulling in the other direction. There is only 643 billion dollars (0.64 * 1012), but they still picked up such a trifle, it’s a pity to leave money without an owner.

Then they decided to touch whether the main ghoul and his henchman, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, had full fat.

Both of them were called robbers, despite the fact that the first returned the stolen goods in full, and the second received nothing at all (M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin).

So far, no one has named specific amounts, but the general impression is

That the Ox was fat [words from the E. Hrebinka’ы fable «Bear court»]

very strong. And reputation in such a case, whatever you say, is the main thing. Now, no matter how much the ghoul says that he completely returned the stolen goods or received nothing at all, no one will believe him:

. – Throw a coin!

No coins – go to jail…

5. Moscow is afraid of Ukraine.

And they do the right thing.

5.1. Moscow is not talking about a “war” in Ukraine, only about a “special operation.” Well, the Kremlin’s ghouls have a custom – what they do, everything is a "special operation." To poison Litvinenko is a special operation, the Olympics is a special operation, a gas pipeline is a special operation, the election of anyone anywhere is a special operation, and so on.

It would seem that having military power and a desire to fight – what to be afraid of. If you want to fight, – fight.

But no, the Kremlin does not want to “fight”, they prefer to carry out a “special operation” with cruise missiles instead of polonium. And so one can : "Roskomnadzor requires the media in Russia not to call the events in Ukraine a war".

5.2. Starting a war against Ukraine at sea, Moscow is again afraid to call it a war, and "counter-terrorist operation". Ukrainian Black Sea gobies pose a terrorist threat to a country that has (or says that it has) nuclear weapons!

As a result, the Muscovites brought their disguise to the point where over the Black Sea. A trifle, but nice.

5.3. One can : "There are fake calls from the numbers of servicemen to relatives and friends with false information about their condition and whereabouts." Muscovites cannot and do not know how to fight honestly, and they understand that in a fair fight they will lose. That is why they resort to such tricks.

5.4. Yet another : "Forums and groups in the instant messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook of the Kyiv region were massively flooded with the same messages." Muscovites who have (or say they have) space intelligence are asking through these programs how to get to Kyiv!

5.5. Yet another : "Russian troops staged an imitation of an air battle over the Chernobyl zone. The Coordination Headquarters of the Exclusion Zone stressed that Ukraine is not fighting there." I repeat again – Muscovites do not know how to fight honestly.

5.6. Further : "Sabotage groups are engaged in the distribution of valuable items, mined technical gadgets in the controlled territory! Do not touch and urgently report such facts!"

Residents of Donbass have known about this Russian villainy since 2014, and now this best practice is spreading further in Ukraine. Muscovites are afraid that they are not capable of honestly doing this (to kill children who pick up toys).

5.7. “In Belgorod, 5 thousand contract soldiers staged a riot and refused to go to fight with Ukraine,” writes . If true (I does not see confirmation), these guys made the right choice. Ukraine should be afraid. And this is a new opportunity for Muscovites to survive.

5.8. Last not least! Medvedchuk escaped from house arrest – Advisor to the Minister of the Interior Anton Gerashchenko. And this rat (Medvedchuk) has his own sources of information, in particular, from his wife (Oksana Marchenko), who fled on February 22, 2022. Where to? – Yes, to Moscow, of course, where else! They are afraid and do the right thing. This is their new chance to survive.

7. President Zelensky.

I am by no means a supporter of him. I voted and will vote for Petro Poroshenko. But in these critical days, Zelensky, quite unexpectedly for me, behaved with dignity and takes reasonable steps. We have in him not only a symbol of our resistance, but also a real head of state, who finally undertook to fulfill his constitutional duties – without the help of supply managers and other Moscow rats.

I think that in order to rebuff the aggressor, we must fully support our president. This is called "national solidarity" and Ukrainians are capable of it. And we have shown this time and time again.

Zelensky has received a unique new chance, and if he plays his role to the end with such dignity, all the previous ones will be forgotten, and he will go down in history as an effective leader.

Everything will be – Ukraine! We will win!