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Negotiating raves

Nicholas Zharkikh

The great Shakespeare constantly introduced comic characters to his tragedies. And he knew his work. They are needed for contrast, to underline a real tragedy…

I deliberately waited a few days for the wave of indignation of the Ukrainian public over the talks with Russia to subside. Also, I did not follow their course too closely, considering this case empty (no deserted – desert, abandoned, but foolish – frivolous, reckless).

The actual course of the case is described in the Wikipedia article "", and I will write only my purely subjective impressions.

The war, I repeat, is a multidimensional phenomenon, and it is being waged not only by our troops on the fields of Ukraine. The diplomatic dimension of war is no less important, because it is diplomats who decide what will be like world and peace after the war.

And since there are no grounds for negotiations now (the parties have not achieved decisive success on the battlefield), the time for diplomats has not yet come, and clowns are still acting in their place.

That these negotiations are not diplomacy at all, but pure clowning, can be seen at least from the "delegations".

Ukraine is "represented" there by a Zapadljak and a peanut lover (well, the head of the parliamentary faction that ran away from the party that ran away – Arachophilia, or something). Powers? Well, what are the powers of the adviser on the purchase of toilet paper and the head of the faction without the body of the faction?

Russia is represented by Medinsky, a prominent Russian politician.

Medinsky? The same? – Yes, certainly the same. Minister of Culture of Russia. And his position is clownish, because what kind of "culture" can there be in Russia? Sculptures made of shit? And does this require a separate ministry?

And he himself is a clown, because in this position he managed to become famous for numerous escapades, clearly confusing the ministry with the circus tent.

(Oh, I’m being corrected here, they say that Medinsky is no longer a minister, but went somewhere higher, almost to the position of assistant for the sanitary condition of toilets. But I did not follow such epoch-making successes of Medinsky’s service and still thought he was a minister "Culture".)

Well, what "powers" can he have? The power to jump around the arena?

In short, there was outright waste of political life on both sides. If they die in these negotiations (physically or politically), no one will regret it.

The "negotiations" themselves were deliberately arranged in such a way that could be explained nothing but a circus program. Initially, proposals to hold them in major neutral countries such as Switzerland were rejected. Indeed, this could give them unnecessary respect, because such countries are not a place for the circus.

Then the "high contracting parties" met in a dugout dug by soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in 1943 somewhere on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. This dugout was kept in a canned but usable condition for 80 years, and it was needed. Shot from the comedy film "Underground Regional Committee Acts".

Further talks continued in Istanbul. Why is it there? – Medinsky’s wife wanted Turkish tomatoes, which are banned in Russia and have become more rare than beaver meat. So she ordered her husband to bring a basket of those tomatoes. Look for a woman!

Turkish circus masters looked at the negotiations and said: outdated, not funny and not interesting. Even clowning needs your skills.

Coalitions of states are taking part in the war. Russia is at war with us in alliance with Belarus, and the other day Lukashenko, the potato-fuhrer of all Belarusians, declared to the whole white world that no agreement between Russia and Ukraine could be considered valid without his, Lukashenko’s, consent. In the same way, he said directly, which surprised the participating clowns a lot. In addition to all the scenarios, another clown jumped into the arena and insists that they laugh at him and not at the clumsy "negotiators".

On the other hand, coalitions of democracies led by the United States are at war. No really important negotiations without consent, or even without the direct involvement of the United States, are possible and will have no consequences.

And in the United States in this war – their interests, including – material, monetary. If Podlunyak and Peanut lover agree on some kind of "peace" there – well, return hundreds of billions of dollars already arrested? Off with you!!

People who have seen a hundred dollars on TV alone cannot decide anything for people who turn over tens of billions of the same dollars every day.

Therefore, I calmly look at these negotiations and see in them not betrayal, but only clowning.

The positive consequences of these negotiations (regardless of their "results") are as follows:

1, Ukrainian clowns keep their clown front in this war and show their superiority over hostile clowns.

2, as long as the "negotiations" are underway or there is hope for their continuation – the government center of Kyiv, where the main buildings of this tent are located, is relatively safe from missile strikes (I’m not kidding here!).

3, I willingly believe that this clowning is a small part of some devil’s global plan to destroy Russia that I am unable to comprehend. I think that this part of the plan was not obligatory (ad libitum), but if there are suitable executors for it – why not have fun with the guys?

Everything will be – Ukraine! We will win!

April 19, 2022 in Kyiv.