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The boomerang returns

Nicholas Zharkikh

I set a date, it is significant: March 20, 2022.
in Kyiv (this is also important).

Back in 1973, among us, first-year physics students at the Kyiv University, was a my friend who made a boomerang and knew how to run it. The boomerang made very beautiful loops in the air and kept coming back, and at that moment it took vigilance and dexterity not to hit the forehead of the person who launched it.

Here and now we have to read the news, which directly reminds me of our entertainment almost half a century ago…

Today, March 20, 2022, that Putin personally ordered his personal chef, Prigogine, who commands Wagner’s private army, to send these fighters to Ukraine to assassinate President Zelensky, Prime Minister Shmygal, and farm manager Yermak.

I am well aware that in cases such as secret political assassinations, the public is only concerned with what is to come, and it is not even a visible part of the iceberg, but a rainbow film of gasoline on the surface of the ocean. But it’s still interesting what it could be.

Consider some possibilities.

1. Everything is pure truth

If so, Putin has really read the story "Taras Bulba" and still really set out to destroy the President of Ukraine, whom he himself pushed into office with trouble.

The Kremlin vampires probably do not know that if such an enterprise succeeds, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada will automatically start acting as president, and if Shmygal is assassinated, there is a chance that Poroshenko will be appointed the new prime minister.

As for the farm manager Ermak, it is his duty to make sure that the sidewalk in front of the President’s Office is swept in time and the toilets in the Office are well washed. He is constantly and openly called an agent of the Kremlin, and if he was on the same shooting list with the president, it means that he did not live up to the expectations of Kremlin vampires.

2. Everything is pure misinformation

If so, this is a masterful operation of our intelligence! Zelensky must understand that it is not just about Ukraine’s success or failure in the war (the same Ukraine that he so "wittily" compared to a porn actress), but about his personal skin.

Our intelligence convinces everyone, including Zelensky, that he has no room for maneuver, and "get together somewhere in the middle" will not work. Victory or death – that’s all that’s left. But death does not suit us, so – only victory. No options.

And if the Kremlin rat Ermak is killed, our intelligence will spread its arms and say: "These bad Muscovites! We warned and wanted to prevent, but not everything is in our power…" And so we will have to look for a new farm manager instead of the Kremlin agent.

3. Boomerang

But in both these and many other interpretations, one thing remains the same: the same "Wagner" that Zelensky so diligently rescued in 2020-2021 has now been ordered to kill his benefactor. The same, by no means different. (From the renaming of "Wagner" to the "League", as from the permutation of components – the amount does not change.)

Why don’t you boomerang? Taras Bulba’s rules should be supplemented with a new paragraph: "You saved me – I will kill you."