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Falsed universal Bathory Khmelnytsky

Genesis of universal

Nicholas Zharkikh

Searching for written documents

The Russian authorities have repeatedly demanded that the Army of Zaporizhia provided written documents to land, and to the end of 1746 army could not meet these requirements. Thus, the Universal Báthory Khmelnytsky at that time did not exist.

Sources of universal

For contents of universal was used Reference 1745, which has many common points with text of UBKh. It should be considered the prototype of UBKh. To outline the limits of the actual holdings Zaporizhia by UBKh had copies of delimitations 1740 and 1742.

Historical data of the wagon universal from work of Grabianka (or "Short description of Little Russia"), with the addition of appropriate independent inventions by UBKh.

"Appendix" to the real estates Zaporizhia in the form of stripes along the Dnieper from Terekhtemyriv to Chygyryn was dictated by the need to enter into battle head caliber constitution of the Diet in 1717.

Written in this way, UBKh in 1752 was presented to the Russian government. Thus, time of its writing can be defined between the years 1746 and 1752, most likely in 1751.

We can assume unquestioned that the writing UBKh was involved only one person. The circumstances of its writing and "miraculous finding" remained unknown.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.

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