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The following recommendations are generalizations of my personal experience. I tried to include them all that showed their advantage and efficiency, and make them just as beneficial to the user. However, it should be understood that these recommendations are neither comprehensive nor exhaustive nor universal. With their practical application, you can run into situations where they may be ineffective or unsuitable.

Thus, following the recommendations generally provides improved results, but I do not guarantee this improvement and take no responsibility for the consequences of use.

The best guarantee of quality – is a mind of researcher who knowingly uses ready instruments or to develop new ones when ready not working.

So get down to writing research article from history. Science – a verified truth that is not dependent on the individual researcher. To write a scientific paper, it is crucial to specify all sources and note all the essential logical steps, so that the next researcher could pass your footsteps.

1. Turn on the computer.

2. Join the Internet.

3. In the Google search engine, type the name of the projected work

4. Reread all work found in step 3

5. In the Google search engine, type in series all the keywords that describe your topic

6. Select all the links on the source from the articles found in stages 3 and 5

7. Chronicle skeleton

8. Chronicle

9. Viewing the main archeographical publication related to the theme

10. Repeat

11. Clear the memory

12. Source records must be classified

13. The reliable and unreliable sources

14. Time of writing source

15. Place of writing source

16. Competence of the source's author

17. Language barrier

18. Ethnic / confessional barrier

19. Educational qualifications

20. Diplomatic analysis

21. Narrative sources

22. Authentic lie

23. Geographical maps

24. Writing pragmatic history

25. Occam's Razor

26. Wikipedia

27. Pictures

28. Historiography

29. Publish written articles on the Web.

30. Now you can turn off computer and go to sleep.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.