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Nicholas Zharkikh

This section will be presented in chronological order quotes from primary sources, which contains references to Terekhtemyriv. Sources are divided into three groups:

- The (1) and green header background marked reliable sources that contain specific information on Terekhtemyriv.

- The (2) and yellow header background marked sources that might contain news of Terekhtemyriv but not actually contain them (the need for such a strange group due to the fact that "historians" of Terekhtemyriv often refer to them, without looking in the text).

- The (3) and red header background marked sources which contain deliberately falsified or unknowingly (in a good trust in older sources) rewritten false news of Terekhtemyriv.

Each entry is filed chronicle entry, which describes the origin of the source citation or the full text of sources and minimal explanation of the content.

To chronicle we include only the contemporary news. However, the news from the later works, relied primarily on published data, we placed in separate sections "Echoes in Europe" and "Echoes of Ukraine". For some foreign texts published Ukrainian translations, which I took and made the links, but most of the translation belongs to me (if they have no links).

Since my statements should not be regarded to be archeographic publication, I allowed myself some simplifying spell (which later document, the more closer to the modern spelling). But a name of Terekhtemyriv I always tried to give as it is written in the source.

The middle of the 16th century

4th quarter of 16th century

Early 17th century

Patriarch Theophanes visit, 1620 – 1621

1621 – 1624

Arrest of Uniates, 1622

Stay of Jakhia, 1625

1627 – 1637

War of 1637 – 1638

1639 – 1647

Khmelnytsky's epoch, 1648 – 1657

1658 – 1660

1661 – 1686

1700 – 1709

1710 – 1750

1751 – 1765

1766 – 1800

Sources 19 cent.

Echoes in Europe

Echoes of Ukraine

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.

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