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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Critical examination of universal's content

Nicholas Zharkikh

Confirmation of Older document

Historical realities

Bogdan Khmelnytsky

Hetman both sides of the Dnieper

Koshovyj Barabash

Stefan Báthory

Date of Báthory's diploma

Hetman Jacob Bogdan

Koshovyj Pawluk

City Terekhtemyriv

City Chygyryn

The town Samara

Nogai steppe

Hetman Preclaw Lanckoronsky

Among these historical realities of UBKh at least eight points completely contradict the realities of the Stefan Báthory foundation. Instead, at least two points fully correspond to the time of writing UBKh – mid 18th century.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.