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I copied everyone prince mentioned in the PS. There were 769 of them, L. Voitovich listed and gave explanations for only 325 names (42%), and I had to reject a significant part of his explanations as unconvincing.

In total we have 101 relatively confidently disassembled names and 46 names, for the explanation of which we need assumptions (which I found relatively probable). 622 princely names remained unexplained.

Distribution of princes by classes of…

Distribution of princes by classes of informativeness

We see that part of the unknown names among the princes are much larger than among the lords. This is entirely due to the fact that the title prince was considered by scribe of the PS as an indispensable addition to the name, and we can believe that every person who was awarded the title of prince during his lifetime was recorded in the PS with this title. At the same time, the title lord was not considered an indispensable attribute of the name, and was mentioned only in headings and marginalies. Therefore, a significant (maybe about most of the lords are not identified in the text of the PS.

Of the total number of names, 569 (70%) belong to men, 230 to women (30%), that is, the disproportion towards men here is even greater than for non-titled names.