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Period of vegetables (1969 – 1985)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Systematic terror, the Bolsheviks (or "Russian") still achieved their goal – the whole country plunged into barbarism, which is still ongoing, until 31 October 2016, when I write these lines. All scientific traditions were interrupted, and instead of people of culture to manage a science came pigs.

Therefore, the period of vegetables, ie the formation of the final concepts, which give a complete picture of the subject, was very weak and looked like a new period of germs.


What vegetables we are able to collect from under the Bolshevist snow?

1. The most important works of this period belong to the Belarusian researchers that can rejoice. A number of articles published by Lithuanian researchers, but their legacy remains little known to us of the language barrier, it is not clear how help this.

2. It was published Russian (1966) and Lithuanian (1971), translations "Bychowiec chronicle" (Lit1L) with the comments – this are the first commented editions considered chronicles. A number of articles has been devoted to this product, that contain a lot of subjective, mutually negating provisions.

3. The most important achievement is the classification of the texts proposed by V. Chemeritsky, but it is still far from being natural, because "the first collection" mixed products of two different traditions. That is, in this period, as in the previous year, no one took advantage of the benefits of owning a complete set of texts for the establishment of a rational classification.