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Michael Priselkov (1940)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Priselkov M. D. The history of Russian chronicles. – Spb.: Dmitry Bulanin, 1996. – 325 p. (Reprint of 1940)

The general impression is that Priselkov simply cut and polished the appropriate section from Shakhmatov, adapting it to his own ideas about the development of the Great Russian chronicles.

Considering chosen slice Priselkov creativity, we have repeat the words of the classics: "Go see a man with a prematurely. there are no such people, and soon will absolutely not." Everything he did – he did in spite of the expressive request of the Soviet government to destroy all traces of "previous time" to the scratch. Priselkov died before the age of 60 years, and was not able to realize his potential investigator – in this he repeated the fate and Sushicki and Shakhmatov.