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Sections 1301 – 1350

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

1301. The genus of Gerasim Lysyansky,
the philistine Opishnja (p. 105)

1302. The genus of Trofim Shapochnik
from Kryga town (p. 105)

1303. The genus of Harlan Pereverzev
from Oboyan town (pp. 105 – 106)

1304. The genus of Philip from Loboda (p. 106)

1305. The genus of Peter Afanasovich from the Perm town, Kondratij Markov guest (p. 106)

1306. The genus of Vasily Andreev, a Tatar,
from Nizhny Novgorod (p. 106)

1307. The genus of Maxim Samoilovich
from Kiev (p. 106)

1308. The genus of Moses, ataman of Sumy (p. 106)

1309. The genus of Pelagea Gavrilikha Shatsina
from Pronsk (p. 106)

1310. The genus of the Mother Superior
Trophimia Baturinska (p. 106)

1311. The genus of Leontiy Dometievich,
clerk from the Nosovka town (p. 106)

1312. The genus of hieromonk Dimitri Savich, hegumen of the Baturyn monastery. Inscribed in the year [1688] the month June day [17] (p. 106)

1313. The genus of Moses, commissar from the Pechersky town (p. 106)

1314. The genus Mihalikha Petlichnaya
from Sednev (p. 106)

1315. The genus of Demyan Petrenko
Vasilkovsky (p. 106)

1316. The genus of Moses Moskalenko
from Kursk (p. 106)

1317. The genus of Akilina Osteletskaya
from Kiev (p. 106)

1318. The genus of Mary Andrusikha from Kiev (pp. 106)

1319. The genus of the nun Alifia Stotskaya
from the Barkalabovsky monastery (p. 107)

1320. The genus of Ivan Kirillov son of Rebrov
from the Moscow city (p. 107)