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Decorative and actual references

Nicholas Zharkikh

The comparison of the texts shows that 32 bibliographical references of the author of GL are confirmed (in the works mentioned, there are indeed quoted stories), and in 16 cases these references are not confirmed, they are erroneous or decorative. ⅓ false references – it’s not so small.

Undoubtedly, the Nikon chronicle was used, from which many episodes were drawn.

Of the Polish sources, Stryjkowski was indisputably used (GL-31, 62, there are no such episodes in other works). Despite the references to Cromer, perhaps, from Stryjkowski also taken episode GL-28.

One can also confidently talk about the use of I. Bielski’s chronicle (GL-91 – and this episode is not in other works, possibly also GL-37, 38, 85, 89).