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Complaint Poles on the Order (1415)

Nicholas Zharkikh

In 1416 during the (1414 – 1418) was considered in the arbitration case Teutonic Order against the Kingdom of Poland (and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania). Documents related to this process, printed A. Prochaska [Codex epistolaris Vitoldi Magni Ducis Lithuaniae 1376-1430. – Cracoviae: Acad. Literarum, 1882]. His publication contains

1 complaint of Poles in the Order divided into 40 paragraphs (p. – 1018)

2, complaint Samogitians on Order (p. – 1024)

3, extracts from the response Order to the complaint Poles (p. – 1033)

4, the answer Order to the complaint Samogitians (p. – 1038).

All these documents are of great interest for the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and to some extent the history of Ukraine, because they named schismatics and heretics (and maybe even infideles) serve none other than as Rusyns.

But today we deal only Tatar affairs.

Since all the 26th paragraph did not contained any names, its source value is very low. we have to guess what events author had in mind. That is, from this text, we can not learn something new about the events, but rather should involve other sources, to somehow make out what was going on.

Full text of section – in the Ukrainian version.