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Analysis versions "Vytautas" chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Dependence of copies

Of all the above arguments imply the following stemma TOV:

Stemma «Tale of Vytautas» on the…

Stemma "Tale of Vytautas" on the copied of
"Vytautas" chronicle


The purpose of writing a tale

Evaluation of the source values

Now we can answer the question "Profile historical source»:

1. When the text was written? – Shortly after Vytautas rise in power in 1392, possibly at the end of 1392 – 1393.

2. Which historical period covers the text? – The last 50 – 52 years before the writing, in 1341 – 1392.

3. Where the text written? – In Vilna as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

4. Which geographical area covers the text? – The territory of modern Lithuania and partially – Belarus (from Smolensk).

5. What are the sources used in the preparation of the text? – Used "Memorial of Vytautas", occasionally used a literary prototype.

6. As far as the author was competent in matters about which he wrote? – Competent enough.

7. What was the purpose of writing the text? – Justification the rights of Vytautas for Great Duchy of Lithuania.

8. What are the methods of the sources processing used by the author to achieve his goal? – Positive coverage Vytautas actions.

9. What are the structural parts the text is consist? – No structural parts, the story is monolite and written in one step.

From these responses should be our common high score "Tale of Vytautas" as an important historical source; and from this we derive the following practical recommendations: to use for historical research Vit1L text only, complementing it in accordance with our observations of the gaps. The texts of the later copies systematically deteriorate, and should not be used.