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ITechnologies / Past of Ukraine: the object model structure of the domain

Past of Ukraine: the object model structure of the domain

Nicholas Zharkikh

The system of classes is designed to describe the subject of the historical past of Ukraine. The model of the domain based on the object model database, described in detail in previous publications [1]. This model is not tied to a specific software tool or to a particular database management system (DBMS), the only requirement that this database maintained object model in the style described in the last-mentioned articles. Therefore, this class system (or architecture) can be realized in more and more object-oriented database; where the dependence on a particular database is essential, we will focus on the program "Arheometrica" version 2.7, developed at the Institute of monument protection research [2].

This architecture is a multi-purpose, designed to cover the entire subject of sciences of the past. Most of the proposed classes is not specifically Ukrainian and can be used to simulate past of any country, but some classes for greater transparency and efficiency oriented to the needs of describing the past of Ukraine. While our immediate goal is the database of monuments of Ukraine, we have tried to lay in it such decisions to a librarian in the impression that he is working with bibliographic DB, biographer he works with biographical database, the museum worker he works with database of museum, etc. Of course, we hope that specialists in heritage preservation feel in their environment.

The proposed model is not our personal achievement: it summarizes the many suggestions and ideas of workers of the Institute of monument protection and other research institutions, among which we particularly pleased to note O.V. Bitkovsky, D.L. Haskevych, V.E. Gerasimchuk, Y. B. Kabakov, D.V. Kepin, A.V. Nikolova, A.P. Tomaszewski. All of them our sincere thanks.

Abstract classes

Individuals and institutions






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Zharkikh M.I., Kabakov Y.B. Universal object database "Arheometrica". Arheometry and protection of historical and cultural heritage, 1998, v. 2, p. 42 52;

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2. Zharkikh M.I. Arheometrica 2.7: features overview.

Aug 28, 1999

Article remained unfinished. Full text in ukrainian language.

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