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ITechnologies / Accounting volume and value of electronic publications

Accounting volume and value
of electronic publications


The article discussed following topics:

Accounting for the volume of paper publications

Problem of the volume of electronic publications

Principles of electronic publications volume accounting

Digital sheet





Three dimensional models

Edition structure

Common elements of cost

The possibilities of practical use

The possibilities of practical use

Outlined in the article ways to track the volume of electronic publishing by converting them into a single indicator digital sheet can be used in the following areas:

  • record production volumes of media publishers (for internal and external use);
  • justify the cost of resources for electronic publishing projects in business planning;
  • justify the cost of electronic publishing for publishers and consumers;
  • State publishing statistics in the field of electronic publishing; State Accounting volume of electronic information resources of the country;
  • tracking volume of digital archives and digital libraries.

Practical application of digital sheets will be possible once when specialized software will be created that will automatically determine the volume of electronic publications (or the corresponding modules will be added to existing programs for information resource management). Of course, should be developed and agreed the XML-schema for describing the volume, which should contain not only the number of digital sheets, but parts from which formed the number and description of the method of calculation.

Finished 12.07.2009.

Full text in ukrainian language (use lang selector above the text).

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