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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Experience in electronic publishing of Lesja Ukrainka's works

Nicholas Zharkikh

Features of e-publications. History of our work. Methods of work. Features of our e-edition. Features of content. Comparison. Performance of the site. What should be done.


Do not ask people whether they want to read Lesja Ukrainka. It should just give them that opportunity.

provides for all WWW users works Lesja Ukrainka in the extent of which had no paper edition.

Our e-edition has a number of conceptual, content and technical features that are far ahead of existing e-edition and allows us to consider our achievements as a standard of new-generation e-edition.

It removes from the paper editions greatest burden – the popularity and accessibility.

The paper version of the complete works of Lesja Ukrainka should be projected as an elite collection edition.

Of course, there is need in a paper edition of selected works (1 – 2 volumes).

Our e-edition can be considered a base of future academic electronic publication of Lesja Ukrainka. It must become a global center for knowledge of Lesja Ukrainka, universally accessible over the Internet.

October 3, 2011, Kyiv.