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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Ukrainian literary classic:
the experience of WWW editions

Nicholas Zharkikh

This is a presentation (27 slides) in English. The following themes discussed:

Literary classic – the base of the national culture.

What is done?

Goals (principles)


«Lesja Ukrainka» site in some details

Good news

Automatic language versioning

Easy keyboard navigation

Overall line numbering

Using line numbering

Hierarchical search

Text variants (all-in-the-one)

Auto-compiled indexes

Multi-language gallery

Multi-language guide

Last – not least

Digital sheet

Other sites

Taras Shevchenko

Ivan Franko

Myslene drevo

Knowledge on Ukraine

Pradidivska slava


– all discussed sites create some integrity of cross-linked WWW resources;

– they can give user a lot of information about Ukraine, its literature and culture;

– some WWW-relayed features of these sites can be useful for other analogical projects.

Aug 29 – Sep 4, 2019

Download free full text of the work ( 1.99 Mbytes)