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Fixed sights of Ukraine: analysis of the object domain

N.I. Zharkikh

This article is the result of reflection on the information model of domain of immovable monuments of history and culture of Ukraine (hereinafter abbreviated as we speak "sights"). Creation of a model – a necessary stage of development of any database. The fate of the project depends largely on the quality of this model : a successful model is a necessary (but not sufficient) precondition for the further successful implementation; at the same time failure model severely limits the use of the database.

Basic requirements for object "sight" can be formulated as follows: it must support the description of internal structure, the possibility of multiple classification, reloadable during filling of the database set of attributes, and this set should be sensitive to the typology of sight. One can guess that implemented in this way the object will be powerful enough to meet the information needs of researchers attractions.

Source: Archeometrics and protection of historical and cultural heritage, 1997, no. 1, p. 43 – 49.

Shortened text of the article. Full text in ukrainian version.