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Echoes of Ukraine

Nicholas Zharkikh

As already mentioned above, information about Terekhtemyriv in Ukrainian historical works of 18 1 half 19th cent. completely dependent on the European works listed above, mainly from S. Twardowski and to a lesser extent P. Piasecki.

1718. Stephen Savitsky

1719. Gregory Grabianka

1720. Samuel Velychko

1734. Summary of Little Russia

1740. Simon Myshetsky

1742. Chronicle of Jakiv Lyzogub

1764. Peter Simonovsky

1764. Stanislav Zarulsky

1770. Stephen Lukomsky

1775. Gerhard Friedrich Miller

1783 Short chronical description

1786. Alexander Rigelman

1822, Dmitri Bantysh-Kamensky

1820's. "History of Rusy"

1830. Dmitri Bantysh-Kamensky

1842. Nikolai Markevich

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.

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