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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Chronicle of the 72 languages

Nicholas Zharkikh

Chronicle of the 72 languages known in 3 recensions: Likhachev (driven to 1477, and continue until 1488), Prilutskii (driven to 1497) and Uvarov (driven to 1518) [Lourie Y. S. . Dictionary of the scribes and literature of ancient Russia. L.: Science, 1989, vol. 2, part 2, p. 21 22]. The last two recension published in 1963 [Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles. Vol. 22. Chronicle of 1497. Chronicle of 1518 (Uvarov chronicle). M.: ed. USSR Academy of Sciences, 1963, 411 p.]; from this edition they were used by me.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.