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History / Monographs / From ruler to monk: history of the custom / Primary material

From ruler to monk: history of the custom

Primary material

Nicholas Zharkikh

The raw material for our theme contain ancient Rus' chronicles of 13 cent. and Great-Russia chronicles of 14 17 cent. In some cases, the act material used.

Vladimir chronicle 1215

Laurentian chronicle

1st Novgorod chronicle older recension

Trinity chronicle

Rogozhsky chronicler

Simeon 1st chronicle

Sophia 1st chronicle older recension

Moscow Academy chronicle

Karamzin Novgorod chronicle

1st Novgorod chronicle younger recension

4th Novgorod chronicle

Avraamka chronicle

Ermolin chronicle

Typographical chronicle

Moscow chronicle 1492

Simeon 2nd chronicle

Moscow chronicle 1493

Chronicle of the 72 languages

Sophia 3rd chronicle


Sophia 2nd chronicle

Joasaph chronicle

Tver chronicle

Vologda and Perm chronicle

Dubrovsky Novgorod chronicle

Resurrection chronicle

Nikon chronicle

Pskov chronicles

Mazurinsky chronicler

Smaller sources

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