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Testament of metropolitan Photius

Nicholas Zharkikh

The testament of metropolitan Photius is very similar to "Excerpts." In the "Excerpts" we see the metropolitan’s travels along the fiefdom (domain) of the Grand Duke, and trips to Lithuania, and "other lands" (Sudak-Sughdea). There are donations for the metropolitan in the "Excerpts" – both from the princes and from other people; there are sacrifices in gold, in silver and even in vessels (bishop Ivan of Smolensk gave a silver object).

We see in the "Excerpts" and help the peasants (rye for debt) – it may very well be that this is due to the drought mentioned in the will.

Metropolitan’s fears that after his death his property would be snapped up – also came true. In the "Excerpts" we see that some Prince Dmitry took a whole herd of horses – up to 32! Separate valuables (golden cross, precious clothes) have disappeared.

All these economic troubles, of course, were not the concern Photius alone – one can assume that they related to somewhat extent each metropolitan. But in the will of Cyprian we do not see anything like this. Remaining on the basis of positive facts, it must be admitted that Photius was engaged in them more than his predecessors.