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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Vinnycja region


Neither Vasyl Stus nor Paul Pestel…

There were in the list in 2001 – 23 places.

Excluded from the list – 3 places.

Added to the list – 9 places.

Reported in the list in 2009 – 29 places.

Updating percentage = 52 %

These sites collected 34 penalty points, an average of 1.17 penalty points for a site.

Detailed item-by-item analysis available in ukrainian version.

With some caution we can say that a register of Vinnytsia region improved in comparison with 2001. But…

Of course, we does not see in this area Vasyl Stus – because he was a Ukrainian, and also a nationalist; and not see Paul Pestel with his Southern society – because he was Russian, and even revolutionary; and not see Bohdan Khmelnytsky and his brilliant victory at Batoh – because he was Ukrainian; and not see Alexander Suvorov with his miracle-warriors – because he was Russian. And none of them was not a pig, so our pigs don't care memory of them…