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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Kherson region


Neither Mykola Kulish nor Oleksij Shovkunenko…

There were in the list in 2001 – 35 places.

Excluded from the list – 1 place.

Added to the list – 0 places.

Reported in the list in 2009 – 34 places.

Updating percentage = 3 %

These sites collected 88 penalty points, an average of 2.59 penalty points for a site.

Detailed item-by-item analysis available in ukrainian version.

There were not the most significant events in our history in the Kherson region, but here it is worth noting that the registry does not contain no Kyzy-Kermen (Berislav) – a place of glorious victory of B.P. Sheremetiev and I. Mazepa over the Turks, nor Askania Nova – nature reserve and culture place, famous far outside Ukraine (but not in the Ukraine!).