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Heritage / Swines are not to blame / Cherkasy region

Swines are not to blame

Cherkasy region


Neither Samijlo Kishka nor Taras Shevchenko

There were in the list in 2001 27 places.

Excluded from the list 6 places.

Added to the list 17 places.

Reported in the list in 2009 38 places.

Updating percentage = 85 %

These sites collected 67 penalty points, an average of 1.76 penalty points for a site.

Detailed item-by-item analysis available in ukrainian version.

Cherkasy region the heart of Ukraine, where literally every town and every village marked in our history. Here is a wide field for pigs: there are lot of places to expell from the list of national monuments.

There are not listed our famous writers Michael Staritsky and Todos Osmachka, public figures Sergey Podolynsky and Vyacheslav Chornovil, sculptor Ivan Gonchar and artist John Jizhakevych.

In Gorodysche born two outstanding representatives of genus Gulak-Artemovsky: poet Peter and singer Semen. Well, if it so happens, we exclude both of them

But why one worry about the Cossack hetman Samiylo Kishka, if even Taras Shevchenko excluded from the list! Exactly so, you (we, pigs choose nesessary) make a mistake: birthplace of Taras Shevchenko still was listed in the Registry 2001 as monument of national importance, but in 2009 it no longer satisfies the "high requirements"

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