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The memory of the abolition of serfdom in Galicia

Nicholas Zharkikh

Decree of the Emperor Ferdinand of May 3, 1848 on the abolition of serfdom left good memories in Ukrainians of Galicia. This memory was honored with numerous crosses, the earliest of those that I saw, established in 1878, the 30th anniversary of the decree. None of these crosses did not get to the official register of monuments of history – because they are not reminded about the story, which needed the Communists.

Memorial Cross in village Ostriv,… St. Christopher. Detail of the…
3. Memorial Cross in village Ostriv, Ternopil region. Photo N.I.Zharkikh, 12.08.1989. 4. St. Christopher. Detail of the memorial cross in Ostriv. Photo N.I.Zharkikh, 12.08.1989.

Apr 7, 1993.

Full text in ukrainian language.