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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Lviv region


Neither Stanisław Żółkiewski nor Mikhail Hrushevsky…

There were in the list in 2001 – 28 places.

Excluded from the list – 5 places.

Added to the list – 6 places.

Reported in the list in 2009 – 29 places.

Updating percentage = 39%

These sites collected 18 penalty points, an average of 0.62 penalty points for a site.

Detailed item-by-item analysis available in ukrainian version.

From the new list removed most descriptive and attractive places – historical center of Lviv (which, incidentally, is in the list of World Heritage, but not Ukrainian!), ensembles of Olesko and Zolochiv castles and architectural reserves in Belz and Zhovkva. The state is not doing them anymore. Period.

In the new list no mention of such events as the siege of the Lviv by troops of B.Khmelnytsky (1648, 1655), Gorodok battle in 1655, the November revolution 1918 work that established Western Ukrainian People's Republic. Therefore, these events aren't of national importance?

In the new list, no mention of Rus' Trinity of 1840's, the Supreme Ruthenian Council in 1848, M.Hrushevsky, Shevchenko Scientific Society, Metropolitan Andrew Shepticky, UPA commander Roman Shukhevych. So all these people have no value for the nation?