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The ideas of the origin of "Tale"

Nicholas Zharkikh

Nikolay Illyich Serebryansky (1872 – 1940) in his book "» [Moscow: 1915] devoted a whole 2nd chapter (pp. 32 – 55) to the Tale of Michael and Fedor and published a number of valuable texts of the work (pp. 49 – 86) in the appendices.

Encyclopedic article by Lev Alexandrovich Dmitriev (1921 – 1993) [Dmitriev L. A. The legend of the murder in the horde of Prince Mikhail of Chernihiv and his boyar Theodore. – "Dictionary of Librarians and Literature of Ancient Russia", Leningrad, 1989, vol. 2, part 2, ].

The next version of the origin of the SMF submitted Boris Mikhailovich Kloss (b. 1932) – also in the form of a reference article [Kloss B. M. Life of Prince Michael of Chernihiv. – « history of ancient Russia. Annotated catalog-reference book", St. Petersburg, 2003, p. 208 – 211].

Olga Viktorivna Loseva (1971 – 2017) in his study of Prologue [Loseva O. V. as a part of ancient Russian Prologues of XII – the first third of XV centuries. – Moscow: Manuscripts of Ancient Russia, 2009] did not deal specifically with the SMF, but gave valuable observations on the early texts of the SMF and their new publication [reasoning on p. 191 – 193, 244 – 245, 251; texts of p. 294 – 312].

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