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Prince Rostislav Mykhailovych

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

Prince Michael Vsevolodovych had only two children who reached adulthood – daughter Maria (elder) and son Rostislav (younger).

What do we know about him?

That’s all we learn about Rostislav from the Romanovychs’ chronicle.

Further actions of Rostislav until his death in 1262 (? 1264?) belong to the history of Hungary, where he, as the son-in-law of the king, managed to occupy a respectable position. But they didn’t know anything about it in Rus’.

Rostislav fathered two sons and four daughters with princess Anna. His sons were nobles in Hungary, but they left no descendants. And this was the end of the once numerous and glorious family of Chernihiv Olgovychs.

Who won the battle near Yaroslavl?

It is traditionally believed that Prince Danylo Romanovych defeated all his enemies, firmly took control of Galicia, and this ended the forty-year war for the Galician heritage.

It can be assumed that the Tatars destroyed not only the principalities of Chernihiv, Pereyaslav and Kyiv, but also the principality of Galicia, although in a less brutal way. But the result was the same – no prince ever lived permanently in Halych, and therefore did not rule here.