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Comparison of the namespaces

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Is there a difference in the popularity of names, depending on the social status of the bearers of names? Let’s use the results of the previous 3 sections.

Crossing the male names of different…

Crossing the male names of different classes

From tables and diagrams of the intersection of the names arrays, one can make a fairly confident conclusion about common male names. They are divided into two classes – monastic names and others. The class of monastic names has a small intersection with the class of names of untitled persons, this does not prevent the allocation of a significant group of names as primarily monastic.

In PS we do not see exclusively princely names. From the five common princely names, two (Ioann, Simeon) are neutral, common among persons of all classes; the rest – three names – are common among princes and among untitled persons.

It can be said with certainty that the common denomination of princes and untitled persons contributed to the consolidation of society on the basis of the Orthodox faith common to the "upper classes" and "lower classes".