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Second war for the Galician heritage
(1205 – 1206)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

The situation that arose at the end of 1203 as a result of the first war for the Galician inheritance did not last long.

The death of Roman Mstislavich during the campaign to Poland (May 19, 1205, T-17) moved a whole avalanche!

The Igorovychs took control of the main centers of the Galician principality. They even exceeded the plan, expelling the Romanovychs not only from disputed Galicia, but also from their undisputed homeland – Volyn. It can be assumed that this happened in August or in the autumn month of 1206.

Thus, September 1206 was the time of complete triumph of the Olgovychs: everyone princely thrones of southern Rus’: Chernihiv, Pereyaslavl, Kyiv, Halych and Volyn – came under their rule.