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[1880s]. The left side of the panorama

Nikolai Zharkikh

Zharkikh N. I. Bakhchisarai Assumption…

The left side of the panorama of the Assumption monastery in Bakhchisarai. From the user’s album Humus at "".

In my view, the panorama should be dated to 1880 – 1890-ies, is indisputable – before 1896 (there is no church of St. Innocent).

In the lower left corner – service house on the lower terrace, above it – the house of abbot (on the middle terrace), to the right of it – a gazebo. In the center – a ladder from a middle terrace on the top one, the bell tower and cave structures. Climbing to the Assumption Church still has a wooden gallery. Above the church can be seen the icon-painting.