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History / Articles / Biography of Victor Zabila: facts and legends

Biography of Victor Zabila: facts and legends

Nicholas Zharkikh

Victor M. Zabila (c. 1808 20 Nov (2 Dec) 1869) Ukrainian romantic poet. His biography known very little. The objective of my article is to assess the value of biographical information sources introduced into scientific circulation, the selection of the basis of relatively reliable points (facts) and reasoned refutation of myths (legends).

Zabila's literary creativity not considered (except for those moments that are considered autobiographical).

In 2009 was published a valuable collection of articles and materials about V. Zabila [Victor Zabila romantic poet. Literature and Culture of Polissya (Nizhyn), 2009, . 216 s.]. The most important and actively used articles listed in the references, references to them are given reduced.

Source base

Zabila and Paskevich

Zabila kin

Love for the people

Time and place of birth

Postal officer

Brothers and sisters

Cossack militia


Alcoholism V. N. Zabila

Military service

Last years of life

Unhappy love

Death and burial

Property status

Manuscript works

Collected Poems 1837


Summer 1838 in Kachanovka

Literary images

V. N. Zabila and T. H. Shevchenko


The mythical "meeting with Shevchenko"

Kyiv, January February 2016

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