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Pamva Berynda

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Paul (a monk – Pamva) Berynda (ca. 1570 – 1632) – figure of the Ukrainian culture, marked by its multi-faceted involvement in typography and universalism. Printer, printing organizer, woodcut artist, poet, scholar, lexicographer, teacher – in each of these roles Berynda achieved outstanding success.

Sometime in 1618 Berynda moved to Kyiv. Should have happened – temporarily, but it turned out – until his death in 1632 he worked in the printing of Kiev-Pechersk Monastery. One after another appeared books, in the issue of which Berynda was closely involved: "Anfologion" (1619, 1048 p.); "Discussions on apostolic epistles" (1621, 1642 p.); "Discussions on the Acts of the Apostles" (1624, 534 h.) – the same amount of these publications indicate which tension and inspired the few team worked a printing, creating momentum for future generations of Ukrainian culture figures.

And in 1627 appeared in print main original work by Berynda – "Lexicon slavenorossky". In fact it was a Slavonic-Ukrainian dictionary. This was the result of a lifetime Pamva Berynda. To compile it Pamva processed more than 20 different sources, including the publication of Kiev-Pechersk printing. "Lexicon" – a monument of live spoken Ukrainian language from the early 17th. It prepared so thoroughly that served as an authoritative source of subsequent lexicographers for 250 years.

February 27, 1989.

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