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Ukrainian grain and American cowardice

Nicholas Zharkikh

or Indians do not worry the problems of the sheriff

I did not write my "impressions" for a relatively long time. Following the example of Lesja Ukrainka, I do not force myself to write when words are not asked for themselves. I’m thinking about several topics, I don’t know if anything will come of them. But today the words formed themselves…

that the United States is considering lifting some sanctions on Belarus in exchange for exporting Ukrainian grain through Belarus. Also worldwide known Russophile – UN Secretary General Guterres ease sanctions against Russia in exchange for exporting Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea.

As we can see, America is happy to trade our grain to help the aggressors. One can expect the next step to be a proposal to award Russian President Putin and Belarusian President Lukashenko the Order of Virtuti militari. (By the way, I don’t know if there is such an order in America. But there are probably have some orders.) To reward for successes in ousting Ukraine from the world bread market.

In this regard, I have to put a few dots over several letters (ӛ, ӝ, ӟ, ӥ, ӫ, ӭ…).

1. Ukraine should not rush to sell bread of the 2021 harvest. It is enough that the Russian invaders have already seized in Kherson and Zaporizhia regions. Ukraine cannot risk its grain reserves during the war and expose Ukrainians to the risk of famine. The 2022 harvest is expected to be very low. If we manage to collect half of what 2021 gave, it will be very good. And do not entertain the illusion that in 2023 the harvest will resume. Will recover, but not quickly, may be in a few years after the end of hostilities.

Ukraine should not sell as much grain as it did before the war, even if it had the technical capacity to do so. We should not sell a lot, so as not to find ourselves in a situation where we will need help not only with weapons and money, but also with bread.

2. The shock on the world bread market, rising world prices for it – is beneficial for Ukraine, because it allows us to sell less and earn the same or more. Thus, a two- or three-fold increase in bread prices would be a good reminder of who is the master of the house, on whom the stability of the world food market depends. The same applies to sunflower oil – the whole world thought that it appears on store shelves by itself, until the war reminded that more than 50% of world production of this oil comes from Ukraine.

3. Russian occupiers rob farmers in the temporarily occupied territory. From the height of my sofa – I think so this is very good. Dad didn’t listen – you’ll listen to the executioner.

One can read, that the occupiers take 70% of bread from producers. And it’s also very good, they wanted the "Russian world" – so eat, though flaky. They also write that the occupiers offer 10% of its value for bread, and those who refuse are taken away for free. They also write that the occupiers began to form in the temporarily occupied territory… collective farms. Yes, collective farms, and this too – "Russian world" in its pure form.

Do these robbed "farmers" understand that they themselves called for this "Russian world"? Traitor and collaborator for 10 years in a row was the mayor of Kherson. The position is elective, he was elected to this position three (!) times in a row. Who chose? – Yes, locals, who else. Next – the Party of Regions, the Verkhovna Rada (2012 – 2014), voting for dictatorial laws on January 16, 2014. And who elected him to the Verkhovna Rada? – Yes, locals, all of them.

And finally the dream of an idiot came true – on April 26, 2022, the occupiers appointed V. Saldo head of the occupation administration of Kherson, so to speak, Major Quisling of a local factory. The dream of his constituents came true too – the occupiers, whom they so desperately wanted, came and simply took away everything that these "farmers" had earned in 30 years of independence.

I repeat once again – all this is very good. Those who do not understand the simple connection between Ukraine ⇒ independence ⇒ democracy ⇒ patriotism ⇒ rule of law ⇒ private property ⇒ your personal wealth – are not worthy of having “private property” and “personal wealth”. It is possible that this scoundrel from the "Russian world" will fix at least someone’s brains and make him realize the responsibility for his personal position during the vote. I do not hope for a large number of recovering people – most of the voters had nothing, then they lost nothing, and therefore – "what’s the difference?".

4. They write that due to problems with the export of Ukrainian bread there may be a famine in the Middle East. Probably not in Israel – he himself exported his vegetables to Ukraine in the pre-war period, but also in the Arab countries. Explain to me, good people, why this possible famine should disturb us, Ukrainians? Don’t those Arabs have their own land? Is it not possible to grow three crops a year on that land? Why can’t they export the food they produce, if neighboring Israel can?

Why, after all, should the entire Christian world serve Arab Muslims as slaves? Have they already conquered us? If they want to eat, let them work. As you care, so you have. He who does not work does not eat. What is wrong with these simple truths? Why do some good uncles and aunts have to feed these lazy people?

5. They also write that problems with the export of Ukrainian bread may cause famine in African countries, and Guterres is most concerned about this.

5.1. Guterres. If he loses his "commission" or "courtesy" money from the cessation of bread supplies to African countries, he must say so openly about it:

Offended the fool!

The boys took a penny!

Tell them to kill… [Fragment of tragedy «Boris Godunov» by A. S. Pushkin]

But what do we, the Ukrainian Indians, care about the financial problems of the sheriff, Mr. Guterres? The sheriff’s problems shouldn’t bother the Indians, let him get away with it.

5.2. Famine in Africa. I’m not a humanist, I’m not a philanthropist, I’m not a liberal, I’m not a professor at Harvard University. I am a Ukrainian nationalist. So I can write frankly: famine in Africa is very good.

Hunger is a natural regulator of the population independent countries that can grow three or four crops a year under climatic conditions, but which:

– do not know how to work;

– do not want to work;

– dont work;

– and will not work, anyway.

Work – not according to Feng Shui. White slaves, these good liberal man-loving uncles and aunts, will come and bring them ready-made food. And they will continue to eat and to breed, exacerbating the already severe demographic crisis. The population of Nigeria alone is 206 million, which is 5 times as much as in Ukraine.

And Ukrainian white slaves have to feed not one or two, but five Nigerian generals per slave? [«The story of how one man fed two generals» (1869) is a famous fairy tale by M. E. Saltykov-Schedrin] But it seemed to me that Nigeria has not conquered us yet (they not only do not know how to work, but even more – they do not know how to fight). Why do we have to worry about their problems?

If there is a real famine (not yet a fact) and some of them sigh (again – not a fact), it will only be a movement towards ecological balance. There must be as many people as there is food. No more. If they want to procreate, that’s their problem. We, the white Indians of Ukraine, are not worried about the problems of the Nigerian sheriff.

6. Export of grain through Belarus. Well, I would like to know the name of the genius of American political analytics that suggested this. For some reason, it seems to me that he graduated from Harvard University. And because, like every Harvard graduate, he is a self-confident ignoramus.

If I knew his name, I would ask my acquaintances in America to give him a globe. It is desirable – the globe of Ukraine, but if they do not have it – then at least the globe of the Earth. There he could count how many railways go from Ukraine to Belarus and wonder if there is at least one unbroken bridge on them? We are at war with Belarus (maybe someone doesn’t know), and during the war all the bridges in the direction of the enemy are exploded, destroyed – isn’t it? Our government is not obligated to report such actions to the world, and Harvard graduates, who have not seen any war in the history of this university, are simply unaware of this rule. Because how do they know and why? They are not going to destroy bridges between the United States and Canada, are they?

But even if these bridges were intact and there was a technical possibility to send echelons of bread to Belarus – would they reach the buyer? They wouldn’t get there in any way, it’s ridiculous to even talk about it.

If it’s not funny for Harvard graduates, I’ll explain. Belarus is not a state, but a territory occupied by Russia. And if a Russian lieutenant with two machine gun soldiers comes to the chief of the Belarusian railway and says: "These echelons of bread should be redirected to Russia" – what do you think the chief will do? You can already laugh at this place, but especially for Harvard graduates I will explain: the Kalashnikov rifle is a very strong argument, and such orders must be carried out (without going into what kind of lieutenant and what his rights are). Now you can finally laugh.

But the most ridiculous thing is that there may be no lieutenant or machine gunners, but the chief is simply an agent of Russia and will receive the same order from his curator. And do it the same way.

So, for the sanctions lifted, Belarus thanks (perhaps); for the free grain received from stupid khokhols, Russia does not thank (not maybe, but exactly), and the "food crisis" will remain. And it had been reason to pay big money to study at Harvard?

7. Lifting sanctions on Russia to unblock whatever it is. What is this – stupidity or betrayal? I think both stupidity and betrayal at the same time.

Russia thanks (perhaps) for the lifting of sanctions, but will not unblock anything (not maybe, but undoubtedly will not unlock).

Why? "Basically, Watson!"

Russia has started a war to destroy Ukraine, and in all three months of the current "hot phase", as in the previous 8 years, has not changed this course by a millimeter. Russia will breathe, Russia will die, but Russia will continue his war and say that everything is going according to plan.

Any hopes that Russia can be appeased, patted on the head for good behavior – are criminal illusions. They are criminal because Ukraine pays for them with blood.

Well, I didn’t have time to finish the article yesterday (May 21, 2022), and it turned out even better, because today (May 22, 2022, the day of Taras Shevchenko’s reburial in Kaniv) a translation of the article from The Economist was published. «». My general impression is that the topic of this "disaster" is trying to suppress not only the topic of Covid-19, but also the topic of Russian aggression in Ukraine, to give the world press a new topic for chewing gum, for "concern". Ukraine must capitulate so that monkeys in Africa will not climb from their trees and not work. Only with the name of the magazine some mistake happened. The correct name is “The Putis’s Economist». See do not confuse!

8. Is it possible to unblock shipping on the Black and Azov Seas?

It is possible, and for this there are two ways, or rather, two levels.

The first (maximum) is to destroy Russia as a state. No body – no case. The next day after its disappearance, the unlocking of ports will come by itself.

The second (minimum) is to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet (and, in order not to get up twice, its ground structures, including air bases in the Crimea).

And all you need are a few hundred "Tomahawks"! They fly 2,500 kilometers, which means that American ships and planes do not even have to approach the Crimea, but can shoot from afar.

After the implementation of the minimum option for navigation in the Black Sea, there will be only the danger of strikes by long-range anti-ship missiles (the Rotten Straw Horde is armed with anti-ship missiles flying at 600-800 km and is already firing at ground targets in Ukraine). It is possible to get rid of this danger only in the maximum variant. But we cannot know in advance whether the Rotten-Straw Horde will have time and inspiration for such strikes after the execution of the minimum option.

Therefore, there are all the necessary conditions and tools for the rapid and radical unblocking of shipping in the Black Sea. Only one thing is missing – courage from the United States.

The United States has never been afraid to attack a weak adversary, knowing that it will not be able to resist vigorously: Serbia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003. But a relatively strong adversary, America fears panic, obscenity, and involuntarily the question arises: is the US military really as strong as propaganda portrays it to be?

And if America is afraid of "Putin will attack" – it must provide appropriate weapons to Ukraine. Putin has already attacked us, and by virtue of the proverb "wet is not afraid of rain" – we are not afraid to use these weapons.

May 21 – 22, 2022 in Kyiv.