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Kramatorsk paradox

Nicholas Zharkikh

I deliberately waited for several days until the wave of immediate terrible impression from the strike on Kramatorsk subsided.

Russian war criminals hit the Point-U missile with a cluster warhead at the train station, where people were waiting for an evacuation train. 57 killed and many wounded.

A war crime? – Yes, I agree, I understand.

Is the Russian army a criminal? – Yes, I agree, I understand.

But who suffered? Here I cease to understand.

Why did these people gather at the station? – Evacuate from war-torn Kramatorsk.

Who is threatening Kramatorsk? – Russian army.

The same one who came to "liberate" Russian-speaking Kramatorsk from us, the "Ukrainian Nazis"? – Exactly the same.

So these people gathered to flee from the "liberators" to Russia? – No, they wanted to flee from them to Ukraine.

In the same Ukraine, where the "Ukrainian Nazis" "persecute" Russian-speaking people and even ask questions, do they not want to learn the Ukrainian language? – Exactly in the same Ukraine.

But were these the same residents of the same Kramatorsk who in 2014 shouted "Putin, enter" and "Putin, help"? The same ones who obstructed the movement of Ukrainian troops trying to protect Donbas? The same ones who used their human shields to cover the movement of the Russian occupiers? – Exactly the same.

So it turns out that in the ninth year of the war they became smarter, changed their minds and altered? – In no way have they become wiser, changed their minds or altered. As they were in 2014, they remained exactly the same in 2022.

The election of the President of Ukraine in 2019 showed that in the first round in those parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions where elections could be held, the first place was taken by Yuriy Boyko – a well-known Russophil, an ally of Russophil V. F. Yanukovych in the Party of Regions. now – a member of the "Opposition Platform – For Life" (slightly repainted "Party of Regions"). Both Yanukovych and Boyko have set and continue to set the task of instructing Moscow to turn an independent Ukraine into a Russian province.

This policy has already brought war to our lands in 2014, and 5 (five!) years later the people of Donbass voted for this policy, for the next war. And now we see so many cases of open transition of representatives of the "Opposition Platform – For Life" to cooperation with the occupier, there can be no doubt: party members were selected on the principle of loyalty to Moscow and preparing for the role of occupation administration.

And so Putin finally "entered" and "helped." Why do people who passionately wanted this "help" now flee to the protection of the Ukrainian army, which they hate, to the depths of Ukraine, which they hate, and then to Europe, which they also hate?

Why they do not meet the Russian army, which they love and help, with bread and salt? Why do Russophils flee from Moscow? Why do they follow the world in order not to find themselves under the occupying power – formed from the same collaborators whom they themselves elected to positions at various levels?

How to understand mass behavior of these people? Paradox, yes and no.

April 26, 2022 in Kyiv.