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Article in the wake

Nicholas Zharkikh

A wake is a formation of ships when the next ship is in line (next matelot, as sailors say) exactly follows the previous one.

So, instead of doing something useful or writing on a long-conceived topic, I must quickly draw a new "impression" in the wake of the previous article.

that the UK is considering sending its warships to the Black Sea to escort ships with our grain.

Nobody cares about the war in Ukraine, the death of our people and the destruction of our land, but what can you not do to save African monkeys!

Treason? Multi-pass combination? Is this even possible? I suggest you look at it from the height of my sofa.

1. Treason

To resume shipping to Odessa, it is necessary to demine the sea near the shore. At the beginning of the war, Ukraine set up minefields there to prevent unwanted visits by Russians – as each country does, defending its shores during the war.

These barriers must now be removed. Well, in fact, our green mold has already cleared the approaches to the Crimea from the minefields, so they can probably do the same here.

Well, let’s say that Harvard philanthropists sent us their minesweepers (I don’t know if Ukraine can clear these mines on its own). And what will the Russians do?

That’s right, kids! They will watch the ckeaning of the passage in the minefields in order to use it at the right time and land their landing directly on the piers of the port of Odessa.

Why right on the pier? – Well, in December 1941, the Soviets landed in such way in Feodosia. "We can repeat."

This landing, of course, will not help the Russians, but is it not enough for us the destroyed Chernihiv? Destroyed Sumy, Kharkiv, Izyum, Mariupol? So let Odesa be destroyed by street fights?

How do students study at Harvard? Is Paris worth the mess? Well, it turns out that African macaques are worth our Odessa, you can sacrifice it so that the monkeys do not have to, God forbid, get off their tree.

2. White starts and puts the mat in two moves

– Do we have a lnde lease or we does not have a land lease?

- We have land lease!

– And if so, there must be naval convoys that break through the enemy’s naval blockade and bring weapons to Ukraine, and bring back grain.

So, in the first move, the whites (USA) send their warships to the Black Sea to escort the convoys.

In the second move, the blacks (Pushkinists, Russians) attack this convoy.

In the third step, the whites (USA) remember: what happened in the same December of 1941 in the Pacific? One think then Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? Well, now we have every right to destroy the Russians fleet that interferes with our free navigation in neutral waters.

After all, the Rotten Straw Horde is not waging any war, so it did not declare the Black Sea a war zone. Therefore, the principle of "free shipping" applies.

In simple terms, someone there is tired of waiting for Putin to attack, and someone wants to provoke attack – just as the abandonment of US battleships in Pearl Harbor provoked an attack on Japan.

To do this, one do not even need to accompany the convoy, but just send a couple of ships to go here and there near Sevastopol (cruise; the original meaning of the verb to cruise – actually walk like this, looking for something in the sea).

And on the other hand – if you sign the land lease with the same pen as in 1941, then you need to give the convoys to Odessa PQ + number, and return convoys from Odessa – QP + number. When it comes to PQ-17 – Russians will attack for sure, because "we can repeat."

Is there really such a plan somewhere – I can’t see from the height of my sofa, of course. However, there may be some completely different plans.

3. Is it possible?

I think that’s impossible.

The United States has a large fleet, but no courage. Britain has the courage, but it does not have such a large fleet. Other NATO countries have neither fleets nor courage.

The United States is afraid of the Rotten Straw Horde and does not dare to provoke it. And the independent action of the same Great Britain with the subsequent attack of Pushkinists (Russians) on its ships will cause only fright in all NATO and will deepen a split within this alliance.

Besides, if anyone has looked at the globe of Ukraine, he knows that only one strait leads to the Black Sea, and it is entirely Turkish, Turkish territorial waters. So, nothing will happen without Turkey’s consent, and its consent puts Turkey somewhere in the same position as Belarus in Ukraine – in the position of a country that provides its territory for military action.

And Turkey has its own position in this war, which is to help both warring countries. It helps Ukraine by sending weapons, and it helps Russia by buying natural gas from it. According to Erdogan, 50% of Turkey’s gas needs are covered by Russia. Gas embargo? – No, we haven’t heard.

I hope that the talks about this convoy will fade away, as will the talks about handing over planes to Ukraine. After all, both the United States and the United Kingdom, and everywhere else, remember the PQ-17 caravan.

It is necessary to destroy the wasp’s nest, ie the Black Sea Russians Fleet together with its base, and not to defend against wasps by waving fans and spraying aerosols.

May 24, 2022 in Kyiv.

NATO Mountain is predictably give birth to a NATO mouse

Yesterday I left a note to refine, and it got better again. It was explanation of another English newspaper that

United Kingdom does not plan send warships to the Black Sea to help export food from a blocked Ukrainian port in Odessa.

It was also statement by our Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba:

If NATO did not close the skies over Ukraine during the most tragic moments of the war, then why should they unblock the sea to transport agricultural products without hindrance. I will welcome this decision, but I do not think world рфму enough courage for this.

I don’t suppuse anyway, that someone worm into my home computer in order to steal my unpublished note and publis it as his own. Everything is much simpler: the considerations that came to my mind while lying on the sofa are obvious to everyone, and kerosene in the world press was enough for only one day.

So African macaques will have to switch from "Ukrainian" bread to "Anxiety under Euro-Atlantic sauce".

May 25, 2022 in Kyiv.