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How do we arrange Russia

Nicholas Zharkikh

or the Testament of Dmitry Dontsov

Famous Ukrainian publicist Dmytro Dontsov publishedin Vienna more than a hundred years ago a book "". The main idea of the book is very simple and comes down to one sentence:

The basis of Ukrainian policy is the dismemberment of Russia.

The task remains relevant today. As much as we would like the Moksha Ocean to stretch out on the site of the former Russia, and Seredyna-Buda, Milove and Dovzhansk to become centers of maritime trade, it is hardly technically possible. So, after the defeat of Russia in the war, its territory will have to be arranged somehow.

The simplest and best way is to divide Russia into 87 independent principalities. Why 87 and not 86 or 88?

Because today Russia consists of 82 "subjects of the federation" and Chechnya. Thus, each "subject of the federation" will become a separate principality, and Chechnya should be divided into 5 people’s republics: the Eastern Chechen People’s Republic, the North Chechen People’s Republic, the Western Chechen People’s Republic, the South Chechen People’s Republic and Central Chechen People’s Republic. At the head of each of these 5 republics one should to put a representative of the Kadyrov family (perhaps there will be five souls?).

These principalities and republics must be completely independent with the responsibilities of:

1, never unite with each other;

2, constantly waging war with all neighbors from among the former "subjects of the federation."

Is this possible?

Of course, possible. The post-war system of the defeated country is established by the victors, in our case, the Euro-Atlantic coalition led by the United States. Experience already exists: after World War II, defeated Germany was divided into Germany and Austria (and so one German nation now has two states!), and circumcised Germany was divided into federal lands. The federal system was not native for Germany, but was imposed by the victors. And – nothing, the Germans are used to it and are not going to change. And relatively recently, Germany consisted of more than 300 principalities and city-states – and all had been well. It was even better, because no world wars came out of such Germany.

The guarantors of this system, ie the independence and territorial integrity of the newly formed principalities, should be a new political organization co-chaired by the United States, Britain and Ukraine. This organization must replace the incompetent United Nations. This new organization will form a coalition armed forces, which will in fact guarantee a new order.

Let me remind that guarantee in international law is not just a treaty, but right the guarantor state to start a war against the violator of the guaranteed system. In some cases, the guarantee even means duty the guarantor state to start such a war.

Let me remind you – World War II began because Germany attacked Poland, whose independence was guaranteed by Britain and France.

Let me remind you – in 2014, the states that guaranteed the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine (the same Britain and the United States) lacked courage to stand on the side of Ukraine in support of their guarantees.

We are told that the Budapest Memorandum did not work because someone put comma in the wrong place. This is pure lies. If you do not have the courage to fulfill your voluntary commitments, no proper placement of commas will help.

Thus, the new organization will have both the right and the obligation to use its armed forces to prevent any attempts by the new principalities to unite. Ukraine bears the brunt of the war. Other countries will join us only five minutes before the final victory, so as not to be left without their share of the pie (and even that is not yet a fact). Therefore, Ukraine is most interested in adhering to the projected new order.

This new system also has certain economic grounds. Modern Russia is a country with a highly centralized economy. The flows of imports and exports mostly pass through Moscow – if not physically, then logically. In Moscow, all any significant contracts are concluded, in Moscow there are settlement centers, etc.

"Subjects of the federation" received imports through Moscow. And now sanctions are dramatically reducing these imports, and nothing is leaving Moscow. So, the regions have nothing to look at Moscow now, but they need to look for new ways.

The same and even worse with exports. It has also come under sanctions because of Moscow’s insane policies, and now export-oriented companies (well, at least metal) have nothing to do. They can be closed or turned into cooperatives for joint potato growing. But Moscow (again) does not need such steps, the potato harvest does not depend on it.

Thus, sanctions destroy the imperial economic organism, contributing to the allocation of smaller economically self-sufficient regions that can provide themselves with most of nessessary. Another thing is that the realization of the new economic reality is coming slowly and probably political changes will happen faster, and the economy will adapt to new political borders.

By the way, the formation of new independent principalities is the easiest way to get rid of economic sanctions imposed on Russia. To divide Russia’s reparations in favor of Ukraine and Russia’s foreign debt between the principalities – and go forward. New state – new obligations and new opportunities. And the armed forces of the new organization will be a good guarantee that this money will be paid.

Everyone will immediately benefit from the division of Russia into separate principalities. First of all, this area will no longer be a source of threat to its neighbors. Secondly, support for international terrorism will disappear, and the latter will have to restructure and seek new patrons. It is even possible that this terrorism will disappear as a global phenomenon after destruction of the Moscow coordination center, and only regional foci will remain.

Third, the problem of war, expansion and annexation in this new territory of the former Russia will disappear. China itself will no longer need to "capture" or "annex" anything, but only to develop "friendly mutually beneficial relations" with the principalities it needs.

Africa has long been a battleground for colonizing powers and even colonial wars. But with the abolition of the colonial system, this rivalry and these wars have ceased, and all reasonable people now have the opportunity to develop "friendly mutually beneficial relations" with individual African countries. And since 1960, no African country has conquered any other, and the fact that they sometimes quarrel with each other is their internal African affairs. Isn’t this a really working example?

June 6, 2022 in Kyiv.